Chances are that you didn’t list your Facebook or Twitter accounts as business assets or sources of income on your tax return.

But if social media consultant and network marketing expert Brian Krogstad is right, many of us will soon be doing just that, thanks to the launch of an innovative Internet-based business model, called Social Network Marketing.

“Social Network Marketing is a business model that combines social media with traditional network marketing,” says Krogstad. “With this new hybrid business model, we’re going to teach people how to take their social networking skills, their social media platforms, combine that with a business opportunity, and turn it into a way to make money.”

At the heart of Krogstad’s innovative marketing model is a powerful platform, called Social Network Marketing University (SNMU), an online education portal, much like University of Phoenix, that features a series of video modules which instruct would-be social network marketers how to set up and operate virtually all of the popular social media applications found on the Web.

“When a student enrolls in SNMU, they undergo an online assessment to determine their level of understanding of each social media application,” says Krogstad. “If they already have a Facebook account and a Pinterest account, but don’t own a WordPress account and don’t know how to blog, then the WordPress blogging module will be one of the first modules they’ll encounter on their customized individual educational pathway through Social Network Marketing University.”

Social Network Marketing University enrollees will be asked to join the “Ditch the Can” movement, a nationwide push to replace energy drinks sold in metal cans with a powdered, low-sugar energy drink packaged in paper sticks that users mix with water. A $9.95 purchase of the powdered drink serves as full enrollment tuition for Social Network Marketing University.

“Our goal is to take someone who has never used social media and who has never done network marketing, and teach them how to set up and use social media apps to build social networks and provide them with needed products that they can sell online,” says Krogstad.

“We’re not just about teaching people how to Tweet. We want to teach people how to be better online, how to better manage their business, how to better manage their time, and how to best monetize their social media.”

Those interested in taking a tour of Social Network Marketing University or sharpening their social media skills can register at