Casual day has taken on a whole new meaning for the employees at Brokers Alliance.

Since December 2015, Brokers Alliance started a new incentive to raise money for different nonprofit organizations. If employees raise a certain amount each month, they get to dress down for a week.

“We were looking to increase our philanthropy and get our employees involved with it,” said Brokers Alliance CMO Eric Palmer.

According to Palmer, the employee of the month gets to choose an organization they feel passionate about, and for the remainder of the month employees donate money to the chosen organization.

“The feedback has been tremendous,” Palmer said.

Brokers Alliance also matches the amount raised by employees every month, according to Palmer. Employees try to raise as much money as they can while still being able to get their donations doubled.

For many employees, however, the donation is more than an opportunity to be casual.

“Casual for a Cause is kind of just the cherry on top of it,” said employee Parker Adams. “I think the integral part of it and the message that we’re sending and the thing that motivates us the most is the charity itself.”

Adams was the employee of the month in December when Casual for a Cause first started, and his chosen organization was Save the Family. Adams said he chose that organization because it’s one of the better Arizona charities for “the return of what they actually give back to those families.”

For employees, the best part of fundraising is learning about what organization was chosen that month and why the employee chose it, according to Adams.

“I’m very proud to work for a company that integrity is as important for them as it is for myself,” Adams said.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is another organization that Brokers Alliance raised money for through Casual for a Cause.

“We appreciate every donation that we get, especially when organizations get involved because it creates a culture of philanthropy,” said Director of Communications for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Cheriese Chambers.

Chambers said that they get many donations from businesses who do fundraising similar to Brokers Alliance.

“We couldn’t do it without our corporate partners,” Chambers said.