With Thanksgiving already over, the holidays are in full swing, and that means ovens, stove tops and holiday lights are in high demand, and your energy bill could see an increase.

If you don’t want to see a power bill increase during the season of cheer, here are 5 tips to lower energy bills this winter from SRP:

  1. Sign up for text or email account alerts: Avoid surprises with weekly bill projections or find out when a set budget is exceeded. Visit, myaccount.srpnet.com and look for eNotes to get started.
  2. Open curtains: Keep curtains open during sunlight hours to heat up the home naturally. Close shades at night to keep the heat from escaping.
  3. Seal in savings: Windows are a major cause of energy loss. Seal leaky doors and windows with weather stripping and caulk to reduce heat loss.
  4. Deck the halls with LED savings: ENERGY STAR LED light strings use up to 90 percent less energy than standard bulbs.
  5. Energy-saving baking tips: Set the oven to the exact temperature you intend to use. Fill the oven with as many items at one time to save energy. Turn off the oven 15 minutes prior to completion; Avoid opening the oven door — every time it’s opened, the temperature drops about 25 to 30 degrees and more energy is used to maintain the desired level of heat. Use glass baking dishes in the oven- glass retains heat better than other materials and helps food cook faster.