Salt River Project is inviting Valley nonprofit organizations to apply for the chance to receive a covered parking structure with a solar system provided by the SRP Solar for Nonprofits program.

Since 2007, the SRP program has completed 49 solar system installations that have collectively helped nonprofits save more than $600,000 while providing green, emission-free energy for their buildings.

“SRP is committed to supporting more Arizona-produced, solar energy projects that will benefit the environment and our customers,” said Scott Scharli, SRP Manager of Distributed Energy Programs. “This is a great way to invest in green energy while helping nonprofit agencies direct more funds to the communities they serve.”

The program is funded by SRP and customers who contribute as little as $3 a month to the SRP Solar for Nonprofits program.

As part of this program, SRP will provide up to four free solar installations to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations by the end of April 2020. To qualify, the nonprofit must own a building in SRP territory and have a parking structure or a parking lot to which SRP can add a donated structure.

Qualified nonprofits are invited to apply between Aug. 23 and Sept. 13. For more information on eligibility requirements, go to