Commissioner Judy Lowe of the Arizona Department of Real Estate has reappointed Andy Jaffe, SIOR, Sr. Vice President at Commercial Properties Incorporated, as the only commercial broker on the committee.  The Education Advisory Committee was established to assist the Arizona Department of Real Estate and endeavors to protect the public by raising the standards for education and continuing education in the Arizona Real Estate industry.

“Not many people have an opportunity to contribute to the efforts of the Education Advisory Committee, I’m honored to be selected,” remarks Jaffe.  The Education Advisory Committee is made up of 14 volunteer members from various backgrounds including, attorneys, escrow, lending, real estate instructors, real estate school admin/owners, residential and commercial real estate licensees, and partners.  “As a committee, we are working to bring change in continuing education for professionals in the Arizona Real Estate industry.  Ms. Lowe is very proactive and experienced in supporting legislation for increasing the diversification of continuous real estate education courses.  One of the goals of the committee is to help ensure that Arizona Real Estate courses will be more tailored toward the specialties of the individual,” says Jaffe.