Fusion Academy develops mask straps for ICU nurses

Nurses across the country are spending 12+ hours taking care of patients with critical conditions. With the long hours come uncomfortable masks covering their faces, causing bruises, pain and strain when the focus is much needed elsewhere. As such, I wanted to let you know of a local school, Fusion Academy Scottsdale, who are working on a special project to help ICU Nurses. The school is printing 100 mask straps with their 3D printers. 

During the 12-plus-hour shifts, nurses are using only 1 mask. Their ears become irritated because the straps on the mask are not durable enough to last 12 hours. The 3D straps are stronger, reusable and will hold up over time. Hali Niles, Fusion Academy’s art, history and photography teacher, is working diligently to get the straps done so they can be delivered to nurses across Scottsdale this week.

Older adults make more than 2,000 masks and counting

The active adults of Robson Resort Communities are stepping up to assist in-need populations. The Quail Creek Needleworks group, the Quail Creek Quilt Covey and 40 other women in Quail Creek are making masks for the Quail Creek residents and various hospitals and essential workplaces. These ladies have already sewn 400 masks this week and in the past four weeks, they have produced more than 2,000 masks.  

Here are where the masks have gone so far: 

• The National Guard-200 masks.

• Tohono Nation Health Center-50 masks

• Green Valley home health aides-50 masks

• Banner Diamond Children’s Center-150 masks

• Santa Cruz Hospital-400 masks

• Santa Rita Nursing Home-200 masks

• Banner’s Respiratory department-100 masks

• 280 to Banner-Diamond Children’s Center, with the Art Quilters donating 160 surgery caps so far, with another 200 to be delivered this week.

• Arizona Oncology-100 masks

Plus many masks for family and friends that are not included in this total. 


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