Banner – University Medicine Tucson adopts exclusive human milk diet

Banner – University Medical Center Tucson’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is adopting the Prolacta Bioscience® exclusive human milk diet to help support the growth and health of infants born weighing less than 2 lbs.

Banner has replaced cow-based nutritional products for preemies in the NICU with Prolacta Bioscience® 10- percent breastmilk-based nutritional products. Premature infants require more protein and calories than what breastmilk alone can supply, so the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends fortifying mother’s milk or pasteurized donor milk with protein, minerals and vitamins to ensure optimal nutrient intake for preemies.

“We are looking forward to helping more babies go home sooner and healthier from our NICU. The exclusive human milk diet is becoming the standard of care for extremely premature infants in hospitals nationwide, and we are proud to be the first and only NICU in Tucson to provide this diet to our tiniest and most fragile patients,” said Margaret M. Eisele, Banner – University Medicine pediatric support RN director.

When used as part of an exclusive human milk diet, Prolacta’s 100-percent breastmilk-based fortifier is clinically proven to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital costs for critically ill, extremely premature infants in the NICU as compared with the use of cow milk-based fortifier or preterm formula.

In addition to providing the added nutrition preemies need, Prolacta’s breastmilk-based fortifier is the first and only to contain the full spectrum of mother-made human milk oligosaccharides, which are special sugars found in high concentrations only in breastmilk. They serve a predominantly prebiotic and gut maturation function for newborns and are believed to give breastmilk a wide range of health advantages beyond nutrition.

Compared with cow milk-based fortifier, there is a higher cost associated with the use of Prolacta’s breastmilk-based fortifier, but the cost is offset with improved health and shorter hospital stays because of the reduction in complications, including incidences of necrotizing enterocolitis (an intestinal disease), sepsis and feeding intolerance, as well as reduced total parenteral nutrition (IV nutrition) and ventilator days.  

“Prolacta’s exclusive human milk diet helps us improve the health outcomes and growth for the premature babies born at our hospital, and we know that these benefits to the babies we care for far outweigh the increased cost,” Eisele said. 

Industry experts launch CPR Construction Cleaning

Restoration and facility maintenance professionals Corina Burton and Patrick Maez have combined their expertise and launched a new firm, CPR Construction Cleaning.

The Gilbert-based firm offers three phases of cleaning: progress/rough cleaning, final cleaning and touch-up cleaning. The company can handle projects from 300 square feet to more than 1 million SF. Services include ongoing maintenance cleaning, hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance, window cleaning, pressure washing and parking lot sweeping.

Burton and Maez possess more than 20 years of experience in business development, managing strategic national accounts, marketing, sales and relationship building. Burton previously served as Director of Business Development at EHS Restoration. Maez formerly was Executive Director at Square Care, a mission-critical/data center cleaning and carpet and textile cleaning firm.

“Our clients range from general contractors, commercial real estate professionals, property managers and corporate and multifamily/residential professionals,” said Maez, who possesses more than 15 years of experience managing strategic national accounts and operations within the facility maintenance industry.

CPR’s three-phase construction cleaning process assures that newly constructed space is move-in ready.

We work during the actual construction phase removing and cleaning all construction debris, caulking and adhesives,” Burton said. “We thoroughly clean windows, glass doors and glass partitions. General cleaning of walls and floors are also included during this phase.”

The final clean consists of a very detailed clean from the ceiling, walls, windows, glass, doors to baseboards and floors. A week or so after the dust settles, CPR goes back in and wipes down all horizontal surfaces to assure that all dust and debris is eliminated.

“At CPR we focus on teamwork,” Burton said. “Teamwork is the result of groups working together to effectively and efficiently achieve the organizational tasks, vision and mission.”

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Phoenix residents form Liv AZ Realty

Local Phoenix residents Lynn Janson and John Cabezas have formed a new residential real estate brokerage firm, LIV AZ REALTY.  LIV AZ REALTY is one of the few brokerage firms in the Phoenix-Metro area to offer training for new agents on how to properly establish and run, market and structure their businesses.

Lynn and John have a combined 29 years of real estate experience.  Having raised three children in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Lynn has first-hand experience of the benefits and challenges of raising a family in Arizona and serves her clients by sharing her knowledge and expertise. She understands that a home evokes cherished memories of family and friends and approaches each relationship with sensitivity, commitment, compassion, and professionalism. 

“We decided to open our own brokerage for many reasons,” said Janson.  “We realized the need to educate agents and train them not only on the real estate side of the business but also in how to run their own business.  As a designated broker, I am highly invested in our agents’ successes.  We have much more flexibility and control when it comes to working with clients and focusing on their needs.”

“One of our goals is to mentor new agents,” says Cabezas.  “We want to elevate the professionalism in our industry and create a culture of excellence among our team.”

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