Emojis are the best partners when you are making your social media posts. They color your captions, making your post more noticeable. It also makes your posts appear with emotion, making the audience appeal to it even more. Nonetheless, these funny little symbols are the best way to go when doing public stunts online. 

Amid your TikTok followers and social media life, there are also times when you feel you want to reach more people. Not with adding friends, but with reacting to your posts. Some may hit the like button, or some may react with a laughing or sad emotion. But to garner more reach and likes, there are many ways to do it before clicking that post button. 

Think of your posts as real-life posters. For these to be attractive, you will need good editing skills, proper grammar, and an amazing angle or photo. These are the same with how you post online – and having some extra emojis can tweak your boring posts into something worth reading, sharing, or laughing at. 

So, here are the top 10 emojis that can help you boost your social media likes. 

1. Flame on!

The fire emoji is one of the most common emojis ever. Famous artists and musicians use this friendly flame to emphasize good work. For example, if an artist likes a specific music release, he usually puts a lot of fire emojis when typing a caption to his shared post. This means that he fancies that type of art, and should be considered a must-listen-to. 

Fire emojis are so famous because of their attractive colors and appeal from influencers. So the next time you want your post to be seen right away, use this symbol to let people feel the heat. 

2. Percentage play 

The 100 points emoji is also one of the most used emojis by famous artists, musicians, and influencers. This emoji represents a complete assessment of something. So, if something is rated 100, then it is legit or recommendable. 

3. Love all day long 

Now, who does not love the thought of “love” in any social media post? Hearts are in every online platform, may it be through chats, comments, or tweets. Available in various colors, the heart emoji expresses sincere appreciation of something that in return would allow the audience to think of a good or friendly gesture. 

4. Caution caution caution 

If you want your posts to be interesting and eye-catching, warning sign emojis are the way to go. Just like road signs, this emoji can subconsciously tell the audience that some content may be disturbing or dangerous. You can use this one in making posts that you think might need attention even if it is not necessary! 

5. No other way but up

As a way of motivating people, there’s no other place to go but up. Up symbols are used when something is portrayed as a priority. These may include business promotions, discounts, or even inspirational quotes. 

6. Checklist mode 

Positivity is always encouraged in social media. This allows your audience to look through your posts optimistically. Your daily goals, your products’ benefits, and even your mantras will be very much appreciated when you use this emoji frequently. 

7. Crush ‘em out 

Now, this does not mean negativity at all times. Cross marks, the opposite of checkmarks, are used when you want to show something adverse about something. This does not necessarily get hatred from your audience, but this acts as some sort of a warning. Although, making this sign as part of cross-checking goals or things-to-do is also recommendable. 

8. Attention! 

Aside from the cross mark, the exclamation mark can also be used in giving importance or warning to something. If your posts are about an unhealthy lifestyle, you can incorporate this emoji into things that can deal with you badly. 

9. Emotions without the face 

Emotions are mostly brought about by facial expressions. But, this symbol can also be useful in portraying negativity and objective matters at the same time. If you are promoting a medicine, you can use this as a sign of pain in enumerating symptoms. This allows your potential online consumers to think of these as critical and immediate factors to be resolved. 

10. Boom! 

This quirky yet powerful emoji can mean anything. Although connoted as a symbol from an explosion, this can also mean that something is mind-blowing or that something can be considered as “Lit” or exciting. 

Social media influencers and new wave musicians use this to promote their content in an appealing way. This is like the fire emoji, the hundred points emoji, and the warning sign emoji. 


Constant social media posts can be difficult and tiring to do. But, using the right mindset and skills can give you a headstart in fulfilling your online objectives. Having the right kind of emojis to use can also give some bonus creativity points. In these ways, grabbing attention from your potential likers can increase exponentially.