Many online publishers have advertisements. You see them all the time – those not-so-subtle banner ads on the margins of the page that draw your attention to a product or service you didn’t know you wanted.  Those advertisements – while sometimes distracting – are crucial to publishers’ operations. Without optimized advertisements, many online publishers would lose a significant source of revenue.

Freestar, a Phoenix-based advertising technology firm, helps publishers do just that – optimize advertisements and monetize their website to drive revenue.

“We offer an outsourced add-on solution for publishers, and we manage their entire website monetization and programmatic advertising infrastructure,” said Freestar co-founder David Freedman. “We leverage a team of data scientists and AdTech engineers that essentially become an extension of the publisher’s brand and allow them to do what they do best, which is essentially produce great content or run an e-commerce store, while we handle all the intricacies of cutting-edge monetization for publishers.”

Inc. Magazine ranked Freestar as the number one fastest-growing private company in the nation, citing their three-year revenue growth of 36,680 percent. Three years ago, the firm had just $100,000 in revenue; last year, they reeled in $36.9 million.

Freestar prides itself on putting the publisher first. Instead of thinking about the monetary value of their work, the data scientists focus on the value they can create for their client. Because of this strategy, many established publishers have trusted Freestar with their AdTech services, including Fortune Magazine, Sports-Reference, and Coindesk.

“We continue to deliver customer service and kind of the white glove service that we pride ourselves on,” Freedman said. “Our motto and tagline here is: Publisher first. And it’s really more than a tagline; it’s truly what the entire company lives and breathes every day, and ultimately, what is best for the publisher is what’s best for us. The beauty of the business we’re in is when the publisher wins, we win; the work we do for them is quantified; it’s pretty black-and-white; and it has a pretty significant impact on their business.”

Freestar offers myriad services to its clients, including: customer header bidding solutions; unified reporting; private marketplace sales campaigns; and app monetization. Because of the company’s services, their publishers have aggregated over 130 million unique monthly visitors and seven billion monthly advertisement impressions.

“We’re kind of solving a couple different problems for the publishers – one of them being that being a publisher is really tough these days, and you really need to have cutting-edge AdTech, and that is a huge thing you can’t get easily,” Freedman concludes. “Having an entire team that lives and breathes this daily is really the only way to be at the forefront of it.”


This story was originally published at Chamber Business News.