Kicking the minimalist mentality to the curb, author Danielle Wurth gives ordinary readers the tools to transform their homes and spaces – and still keep their sentimental and favorite possessions.

“It’s not about getting rid of everything you care about. It’s about prioritizing and keeping what you actually have room for,” says Wurth, author of the recently released book, “Ignite the Organizer in You.” “Organizing is as much a discovery process as it is a recovery process.”

Her book incorporates three pillars for success: Matters of the Heart (Which organizing personality are we: The Overjoyed Collector, a Secretive Stuffer, or the Container-a-holic?); Matters of the Mind (how can we be better decision-makers and gate keepers for our home?); and Matters of the Hands (how to transform any space in your home with product tips from the author for any budget and multiple resource guides included in the book.)

“Even when people successfully organize their closet or their garage on their own, it’s not going to stay that way unless they understand what habits or life changes caused the infection of (a.k.a. clutter virus) of disorder in the first place,” Wurth says. “My psychology-centered approach will stop that cycle in its tracks and give readers what they need to break out of frustrated failures and maintain their home as an organized oasis.”

“Ignite the Organizer in You: Discover the Life Skills You Need to Transform Any Space” covers everything from how to organize a work or hobby zone to how to create a barista station in your kitchen. Wurth’s P.O.P. approach is to create organized spaces that are Pretty, Organized and Purposeful. She then coaches readers on how to keep the space organized for the long term.

To accomplish this, she digs into the psyche of why we can’t let go of certain items, and why we over-collect, stuff our closets, and sometimes just give up. The author teaches readers how to improve decision-making, and become gate keepers to their homes. Wurth adamantly states that “Every item that enters our homes must consistently serve a purpose in our lives, otherwise, it’s just clutter.” She helps “Kill the Paperwork Virus,” get a handle on laundry in “Laundry Room La-La Land,” and shares her insightful organizing skills in “Kicking Ace: The Four A’s of Organizing.”

Wurth peppers the book with anecdotes from her own life and those of her organizing clients, showing readers they are not alone in feeling overwhelmed with paper piles, endless emails, and lack of time management. Her insights help organize lives, not just spaces, while her checklists and printable extras from her website give readers the tools they need.

An e-book version was released in August with the print edition publishing in September. Amazon recognizes the book as a Bestseller, and it is No. 1 in three categories: Home and Home Improvement, Reference and How to, and Kitchen Remodel and Renovation. More than two dozen readers rate the book with 5 stars and it is in the top 1% among all book sales on Amazon with rave reviews.

“What’s different about this book is that each living space is covered at a deep level — both with the physical space and the psychological aspect. Manageable steps and checklists are provided for support. Danielle’s approach is friendly, encouraging and kind. This book will definitely help me get organized at a whole new level,” writes one customer.

Another says, “She clearly details how to bring peace to your home by coaching step-by-step. And even more than providing practical tips to create workable systems, she guides you through a process of introspection to address what has prevented success in previous organization attempts.”