You’re up to your elbows in debt and you have no idea how you’re going to pay it off. Your job pays but it’s not much and hours have been a little scant, to say the least. With your rent being due on top of your other debt you’re not sure what to do.

You can fill your time with little side jobs that will bring in some extra cash. It’s either that or start selling personal possessions.

To help you solve your money troubles, we’re going to go over some of these money-making methods with you. Check out this guide.

1. Work a Few Extra Hours

When your boss asks you if you want to pick up a few extra hours because someone else called out, don’t turn it down. Take them up on it within reason. Obviously you don’t have to work a fourteen-hour day if you don’t’ think you can handle it.  

Picking up a few extra hours here and there can get you a sweet extra 100 dollars on your next paycheck, though. If your job offers overtime try and get that as well. 

2. Start Babysitting 

You can rack up a bunch of cash on the weekends by babysitting. Start small by helping family and friends with their little ones. This will get your name out there. 

You can also join Facebook groups so you can advertise yourself and join websites that connect sitters with parents. It’s a good use for your time if you like kids, and if you don’t, then you can always get a loan from Bonsai Finance to solve your money issues instead.  

3. Tutor or Teach Lessons 

If you have a certain area of expertise like music, you can earn a bit of extra money by providing tutoring or lessons for children after school. This puts cash in your pocket and makes a difference in the child’s life at the same time. 

If you don’t have an area of expertise that’s fine. You can teach English to students who are trying to learn the language through sources like VIPKid. 

4. Put Your Car to Good Use 

If you can drive then you have a job opportunity. More and more people are earning extra cash through services like Uber, DoorDash, and Lyft. 

Some of them have requirements for you to start working. For the most part, all you’ve got to do is pass a background check and you’re in. 

5. Puppy Sitting or Walking 

If you love dogs then this will be the side gig for you. You can earn fast cash by keeping an eye on them for their owners or by walking them. To get started, you can sign up on a website called Rover.

All you’ve got to do is fill out a little bit of information and upload a picture. After your application is approved then you can start booking jobs. 

Solve Your Money Troubles Fast 

Do you need a little bit of extra cash in your pocket? Don’t we all. You can always take out a loan to fix your money troubles, or you can take up a little side job. 

Try out one of the side gigs on this list to bring in the money that you need fast. 

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