In recent years, diversity and inclusion have commanded a good deal of public attention. These ideas can and should be practiced in every aspect of our lives, including the workplace. The more these topics stay front and center in the modern worker’s mind, the better workplaces all across the world will be. 

With such an increased focus on diversity and inclusion, our society has had to face a harsh reality. Historically, businesses haven’t been the best about promoting a diverse, inclusive workplace – especially when it comes to women.

Gender in the workplace isn’t something to check off a list to satisfy HR or raise a business image in the public eye. If addressed and promoted properly, diversity and inclusion can have a direct positive effect on your bottom line, workforce and place in the market. At Concentrix, we promote a healthier workplace by increasing staff diversity which lets us witness a lot of these benefits firsthand.

These are some of the most important lessons that were learned along the way.

A more diverse, inclusive workplace keeps staff more engaged.

Jyllene Miller is the EVP of Marketing and Emerging Business for Concentrix.

Keeping staff engaged and excited about coming to work can be tough. By promoting a workplace where people can be themselves and focus on growing their careers, you help light a fire beneath them. Best of all, the passion that comes from someone who loves what he or she does and enjoys coming to work every day is contagious!

It raises corporate confidence. 

Concentrix’ Network of Women (NOW) program provides a platform for women to connect and empower one another, invest in each other’s futures and accelerate careers. It’s an incredibly successful initiative that has seen thousands of women start at Concentrix and learn all the tools needed to grow into leadership roles.

By offering programs like NOW that are catered towards attracting, retaining and growing a more diverse workplace, organizations show their staff they care about them as individuals and want them to grow. This increases corporate confidence across the board – which plays a huge role in keeping your staff happy.

It keeps you more competitive.

At Concentrix, contrarian, diverse staff members make up teams all over the world. Their collective talents and experiences are crucial to planning and executing the better business outcomes that led to the company’s positioning as the leader in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. 

This is no coincidence. By assembling a team with different genders, cultures, backgrounds and views, organizations can directly contribute to faster problem solving, increased levels of decision making and higher creativity – all of which present the opportunity for higher profits.

Workplace diversity and inclusion are not only healthy but necessary in today’s society. As businesswomen, it’s our responsibility to ensure the hard work put in to shine a light on these issues isn’t wasted by spreading the benefits of a diverse workplace and ensuring these ideas are upheld to help everyone!


Jyllene Miller is a business, brand and marketing strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and ambitious leaders to grow their businesses and understand how to better connect with customers. As the EVP of marketing and emerging business for Concentrix, a $5 billion global outsourcing services firm, Jyllene is the driving force behind the company’s Different by Design™ brand and connected customer engagement strategy.  As a dynamic leader with 25+ years of global experience in sales, marketing and business development, Jyllene is motivated by results and has a proven track record of success with both large companies and startups. A true champion of workplace diversity, Jyllene is proud to be an executive sponsor of the Concentrix Network of Women, a global program connecting women leaders throughout the company, and passionate about helping motivate new leaders of all backgrounds to grow their careers and change the world.