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Today’s spotlight: Jaime Vinck

Title: CEO, Sierra Tucson

Leading groundbreaking programs in behavioral health and recovery support, Vinck is only the second woman CEO in Sierra Tucson’s 35-year history, and is a mentor to women in leadership positions within the industry. She speaks nationally and internationally on compassion fatigue, provider resilience, and collaboration in integrative care.

Source of pride:Being appointed the CEO of Sierra Tucson is my most significant professional accomplishment. Serving the employees and our residents is an honor, for which I am grateful every day.  There is a trust inherent to our business, and holding that trust is a privilege.”

The personality trait that helped you succeed:Grit, which is often defined as the combined traits of passion and perseverance. This grit has helped me to dig deep in times of considerable stress and find courage as a leader that I didn’t know I had.  This comes from the passion that is also compassion for those around me.”

The personality trait that got you into trouble:Intensity.  I live by the credo ‘if anything matters then everything matters’ and believe that every action creates a reaction that can change the universe.  This creates an intensity within me that may not always map well with others’ world view!”

Best childhood memory:Family dinner with the five of us, (and our dog under the dining room table)!  My mom always cooked delicious meals, and we’d talk about our days, current events, and future plans.  Sometimes dinner would turn into a concert as we kids performed, or a family game of pinochle.”