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Today’s spotlight: Jennifer Mannino

Title: CEO, IDD Group

Mannino leads IDD’s investigative due diligence strategy in support of third-party risk, “know your customer” and enhanced due diligence compliance, fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations, and complex litigation.

Source of pride:I was an entrepreneur by my early 30s. The experience shaped who I am today because it taught me the importance of resilience, agility and authenticity as a leader.”

The personality trait that helped you succeed:My persistence has certainly helped me in my career because it has meant raising the bar, challenging biases, and viewing perspectives through a different lens.”

The personality trait that got you into trouble:My passion can get the best of me. I’m still on a journey of curbing my enthusiasm and pacing critical life decisions.”

Best childhood memory:I was 12 years old when I found out I was going to be a big sister. Life took on a new meaning. My sister and I have shared a special bond since the moment I learned of her.”