Getting viral on TikTok is not easy as it sounds. The social media platform is something one cannot stop talking about and everyone wants to get famous! The app is not just a place where people can post their lip syncing videos and dance to them; it has grown into a community of people who share variety of content with each other. Any kind of content can succeed on the platform which makes it fun to use. One can either buy Tiktok followers or grow it organically to get more likes and views on it.

Well if you are looking for ways to get viral on the platform, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with a list of 5 tips which can help you accomplish your goals.

1. Posting a lot of videos and watching a lot of videos for inspiration

The only key that fits the lock of Tiktok is volume. Unleash your creative side and the unfiltered part of your personality while making videos. You cannot predict which videos will do well and get viral so you have to do a lot of posting. Often you will have to spend a lot of time in creation of an amazing video which will flow when you publish it. Other videos which you might not like would take off.

One kind of videos do not do well on the platform. You will find everything ranging from highly edited polished videos to videos shot with minimal efforts. Since the app does not have any specific interest feeds, you will have to appeal to the audience which means that you have to add a climax to the videos, stage an unexpected twist, do something creative or explain something mind blowing.

Some people succeed by showing their kind personality, attractive nature while some succeed doing practical and easy hacks to DIY videos. The more time people spend knowing the platform, the more they can become creative and brainstorm about ideas.

2. Trying out trending formats and having a strong call to action

There is a discover page on TIktok which showcases all the trending music, challenges, battles, memes or formats which you can use while adding your own personal touch and some twists or turns.

We personally feel adding a strong call to action is the most important thing a person can do to increase his followers and gain more likes & views. It is natural that Tiktok pushes those videos which it sees getting more likes, comments and shares. So that can be used as an advantage. Adding certain hashtags like “comment for like”, “follow for more” “like for part 2” might help to increase both followers and likes. You obviously have to make an outstanding video but adding a strong call to action might help in getting 2 million likes and 40 thousand new followers instead of 2 million likes and 2000 new followers.

3. Master the art of story telling

Dances and lip syncs definitely go viral but videos which convey a story are more likely to go viral. To be very honest, unless you are an exceptionally talented dancer or a very bad dancer, your dance will most likely not get viral on Tiktok. For the regular folks, storytelling work the best.

People love to hear stories. The story can be about anything – your perspective about life, something interesting that happened with you, any project you have worked on, something random that touched your heart. You just have to keep telling a story and let the plot flow.

4. Including random details for people to comment on

We have observed that people like to comment on random things on the Tiktok videos. They spot something random in the videos that are not even the spotlight of the videos and start commenting on them. In order to gain more followers, views, and likes, you should post random things to get more comments on the videos.

A simple way to earn likes and gain followers is to wear something cool or weird and people will start commenting on the videos asking from where they have brought the t shirt or something in a different way.

5. Doing something highly controversial

Here again, commenting drives viralty. If your video is slightly controversial, people will definitely comment on it. People go crazy over controversial videos. We don’t mean to say that you have to post something bad.

For example you may show the idea of putting ketchup on Maggi which is a debate all over India and is not threatening too. Immediately people will start placing their views in the comment box. At the end of the day you have to embrace your haters and love them because they are going to make you popular.

We feel that it takes a month for people to figure out their own style on Tiktok and the niche they want to work on. We only have to say that even if you are not getting success, do not give up and keep trying!!