A visit to the hairdresser can be exciting for most of us. After all, it’s our chance to get our hair cut and styled, colored, permed, and what-not. But a simple visit to the hairdresser can turn horrendous if you become victim to an injury, whether it’s from a hair product or chemical or improper treatment or the use of faulty equipment. Hair damage can even result from the lack of skill or inattention of your hairdresser or hairstylist. If something like this happens, you may well be deserving of compensation. But what should you know before you move forward with your hair damage claim? Here are some quick facts on hair damage claims – and how to have a successful claim for compensation.

What you should do first and foremost

If you believe that you deserve compensation, make sure to collect whatever evidence you can to make your case. This includes evidence of damage to your hair. Take photographs of your hair damage injury and visit a doctor to get treatment. You should also take photographs of your injury at regular periods or intervals so you can present documentation of how your injury has progressed and how it is healing. If there was any witness to your hair damage injury, ask them if they can note down the details as they remember it; this can also serve as evidence.

Speak to an expert solicitor

If you are not entirely sure about making your claim, it may be wise to speak to an expert solicitor. Even if you are still thinking about pursuing your claim, the solicitor can make an assessment of your case and confirm whether or not you can justify making it. The solicitor can basically tell you straight if you have a chance for a successful hair damage claim – and they can additionally guide you through every step and get the details needed to strengthen your case. Hair damage claims can be quite complex, so you would need all the support you can get. Luckily, most solicitors will work on a Conditional Fee Agreement, which means that they will not get their fee if your case isn’t successful. 

What you can seek as compensation

Claims for compensation can vary depending on the circumstance and the injury, as well as its severity and your prognosis. But for a hair damage claim, you may expect to seek compensation for loss of earnings or income if you have had to be absent from work because of your injury. If your hair damage has also affected your future professional outlook – if, for instance, you work as a model or entertainer – then this may also entitle you to further compensation.

You can also seek compensation for anyone who has had to take care of you during your injury, and you can seek compensation for your expenses related to your hair damage injury, such as visits to the doctor and medical treatment, transportation, and further therapy.

The amount

The compensation you can receive will also be different based on your type of injury, but compensation for serious hair damage through waving or tinting can range from $5,500 to $8,300, while compensation for loss of wages or income can range from $5,000 to as much as $500,000, depending on your profession.