Never before has the Arizona business community needed leaders who are agile, adaptable, and innovative more than they are needed in today’s rapidly expanding economy. That’s what the Champions of Change awards are all about — recognizing those dynamic innovators and trailblazers who are changing Arizona’s economic environment through leadership and visionary thinking.

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“We created the Champions of Change Awards to recognize those innovative leaders, for-profit companies, and nonprofits who are changing the landscape of Arizona business,” says AZ Big Media Publisher Amy Lindsey. “These awards shine a spotlight on the state’s true game-changers and thought leaders. This is an awards event that is unlike any other the state has even seen.”

In the days that follow, the 2022 Champions of Change will be spotlighted right here on Be sure to check back every day.

Champions of Change: Jeff Foster, vice president and market officer, Prologis

BACKGROUND: Prologis has 70 industrial properties in Metro Phoenix, totaling 11 million square feet, that serve 150 customers, making the company one of the top providers in Arizona’s red-hot industrial real estate sector.

ON BEING ADAPTABLE: “Today’s business climate is one of lots of uncertainty and flux. Whether it’s material delays, labor shortages, contractor challenges, subcontractors, you have to be very flexible and adaptive in today’s climate. We’re able to use our scale and leverage of national relationships in order to give ourselves some certainty in today’s climate with materials and equipment and fixtures for our buildings. That helps our customers get some sense of confidence that we’re going to hit our timeline and our schedules  in collaboration with our architects, and our general contractors, and all our vendors. They feel  they can trust us and that we’re a solution for their business they can rely upon.”

2022 TRENDS: “It’s extremely important to be innovative today because everything’s evolving and everything’s changing and these aren’t just four walls and a roof anymore. Customers are in a struggle for employee retention. There are lots of options for workers and employees. They’re demanding more amenities because they need that for their own employee retention and engagement. So it’s important that we deliver our customer a really good product and really good services.”

DIFFERENTIATOR: “Our focus on customer centricity separates us from the competition. We’ve evolved from this being a landlord-tenant model to them being our customer. The user in our building is our customer, and we want to take away as many pain points as possible. We’ve introduced a program we have called “Essentials.” It’s really solutions for our customers. We’re trying to become a one-stop- shop for our customers because when they move into a building they need racking, they need forklifts, they need pest control, they need smart building services, they need internet, and all these different things. We’re definitely taking that customer-centric approach to another level and becoming a service provider in addition to providing a top-quality class building for them.”