Child Crisis Arizona, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the well-being and safety of children and families, announced the acquisition of Whispering Hope Ranch, a respected provider of therapeutic and recreational programs for children and youth. With this strategic move, Child Crisis Arizona is poised to enhance its commitment to delivering comprehensive services that address the diverse needs of vulnerable children and families in Arizona.

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Whispering Hope Ranch, renowned for its therapeutic equestrian and outdoor adventure programs, will now operate as a vital program under the umbrella of Child Crisis Arizona. This merger is a significant milestone for both organizations as they unite their strengths to create an even more impactful and comprehensive support system for children, teens and young adults coping with disabilities or trauma.

Key Benefits of the Acquisition include:

  • Expanded Therapeutic Offerings: The integration of Whispering Hope Ranch into Child Crisis Arizona’s portfolio enables the organization to provide a wider array of therapeutic interventions, leveraging the healing power of nature and animals to support children’s emotional and physical well-being.
  • Enhanced Reach and Resources: Child Crisis Arizona’s established network and resources will contribute to the growth and sustainability of Whispering Hope Ranch’s programs, ensuring that more children and families from partner 501(c)(3) organizations can access the life-changing services offered.
  • Collaborative Expertise: The collaboration brings together the expertise of both organizations, fostering innovation and the development of new initiatives to address emerging challenges faced by children and families in the community.

“We are excited to welcome Whispering Hope Ranch into the Child Crisis Arizona family,” said Torrie Taj, CEO of Child Crisis Arizona. “This strategic acquisition aligns with our mission to create a stronger, more comprehensive support system for children in need, combining the therapeutic excellence of Whispering Hope Ranch with the extensive resources and reach of Child Crisis Arizona.”

Paul Dykstra, Whispering Hope Ranch Board President, shared his enthusiasm for the merger, stating, “Joining forces with Child Crisis Arizona allows us to amplify our impact and continue providing transformative experiences for children and families. We are confident that together, we will continue to create positive change in the lives of those we serve.”

Child Crisis Arizona has committed to providing incredible camp experiences to both current and new populations and organizations in Arizona and to improve and expand operations. They plan to continue and maintain all scheduled camps and Whispering Hope Ranch programming through the summer of 2024. As they enter 2025, they will focus on growth and expansion opportunities exploring utilization of the Ranch for day trips, retreats for schools, and corporate or faith communities.