Bernards, an industry leader in multidisciplinary commercial building, announced today that it has appointed Crosby|Wright as its regional public relations and marketing agency partner.

Crosby|Wright and Bernards will develop brand strategy and creative messaging approaches within targeted sectors. Through the partnership, Bernards is strategically positioned to grow in Arizona.

“The timing for this partnership couldn’t be more perfect,” said Laura Shivers, director of marketing with Bernards. “Bernards regional office has recently doubled in size and we look to Crosby|Wright to help increase brand awareness and overall market presence.”

Since its inception in 1974 by brothers Doug, Greg and Jeff, Bernards has grown steadily, with four regional offices in the Southwest employing more than 270 professionals.

Bernards has been involved with numerous Valley outreach programs such as ICAN, whose mission is to improve Chandler area neighborhoods while providing free, comprehensive programs that empower youth to be productive and responsible members of the community.

Bernards employees also volunteer to prepare and serve at ICAN’s Thanksgiving dinner on an annual basis. Bernards is also a proud corporate sponsor of the Arizona Science Center.

Bernards continuously delivers technical excellence and construction services to developers, corporations, educational institutions and public agencies.