In this day and age, pot is no longer such a taboo, hush-hush subject. Marijuana is slowly becoming more and more legal throughout the United States. Here are some ways that you can profit from pot.

Run A Dispensary

Running a dispensary is one of the best ways to profit from pot. Different dispensaries have different requirements for people who want to buy marijuana. For example, some dispensaries service only medical marijuana customers while other dispensaries service people who are in the market for recreational marijuana. These dispensaries have age minimums. For example, only people ages 21 and over may enjoy the recreational products of a given dispensary.

Running a dispensary can be tricky because there are a lot of legal requirements that owners must follow. For example, just to be licensed and have to right to run such a business, there are various fees that business owners must pay. These fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

Sell Food And Treats

You can make money from pot by selling food items and treats that go well with various strains. Each strain has a different taste and makes people feel different. As a result, you can figure out which food goes well with which strain. You can capitalize on this by giving your food items and treats shnazzy names that coincide with the strains that they are supposed to be good with. You can either have a brick-and-mortar restaurant, or you can have a food truck that sells these items.

Pot Stocks

A lot of people are profiting from pot by investing in pot stocks. Pot stocks are good to invest in because of the fact that the marijuana industry is up-and-coming, and thriving. It is without a doubt that people will not stop consuming marijuana products.

Publish Writings

You can profit from pot by writing and publishing pieces of literature. If you know a lot about the subject or are willing to learn a lot about it, you can write and publish books about it. You can look for a company that is willing to publish your books. However, if you are having a hard time finding a company to publish your book, you can take the route of self-publication. The internet makes it easier than ever for people to sell their books via various websites.

Educate People

If you know enough about the subject, you can start to run classes where you educate people. Find some type of space or venue where you can allow people in for a fee. If the subject not too taboo in the area where you live, perhaps you can give classes in public places such as libraries.

Run A Bud And Breakfast

Bud And Breakfast is the same type of thing as AirBnB—the difference being that living accommodations have to be bud-friendly. This means that people who stay at a Bud And Breakfast can use marijuana products. Some places also give bud to their guests.

Become a Cultivator

Cultivators are people who grow pot. Just like people who run dispensaries, cultivators are subjected to various large fees that they are required to pay in order to maintain their rights. As a cultivator, you have the option to either grow your crops indoors or outdoors. The advantage to growing indoors is the fact that plants can be grown year round, despite whatever the weather outside brings. Conditions can be kept very stable and constant, leading to stable yields. However, the big disadvantage to growing indoors is that it costs money to operate indoor technology.