Surplus Asset Management (SAM Auctions), an auction and liquidation sales firm, is expanding into Mexico and Canada, which will allow it to serve grocery, restaurant, retail and big box industries across North America.

Phoenix-based Surplus Asset Management International, LLC is now licensed to serve the Canadian market. Opening an office and establishing business presence will help the firm serve more of the large chains who have expanded across North America.

SAM Auctions has also partnered with a privately held corporation to provide auction services in Hermosillo, Mexico. Opening officially this summer, SAM Auctions will have a showroom and warehouse to sell and auction furniture, fixtures and equipment directly in Mexico. It is the first American auction business of its kind in Hermosillo.

“The turnkey services we provide at Surplus Asset Management – from liquidation to auction – have seen significant growth this year,” says SAM Auctions CEO John Lines. “As a result we’ve had increased requests from both sides of the border. These partnerships allow us to work with businesses on an international scale.”

The costs of closing a location can be as much as a $1 per square foot. With its 25+ years of contacts and experience in the grocery and retail industry, SAM Auctions brings that expense down to nearly nothing by selling or recycling almost everything in the space.