From the very moment that the first smartphone appeared on the market, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives: a source of entertainment in our free minutes, the means of communication with friends and family and, more recently, an indispensable tool for work and task planning. Today, we share applications that will help students plan tasks wisely and save time on small things.


Meet one of the most famous productivity applications, as it has four tracking modes, and you can get the whole picture of:

• Your habits (both – the good ones, for example, counting the amount of water that you are recommended to drink per day, and the bad ones like the number of cups of coffee you take);

• Your work (all stages of the project will now be accurately calculated);

• Your movement towards your goal (with a schedule of your progress);

• Your schedule (using the Strides timer, you’ll finally understand the relationship between sleep time and work in your life).

This program will be extremely necessary for those who cultivate good habits and set ambitious goals.


It is a multifunctional notebook with voice dictation, designed to expand the possibilities of your ideas and creativity. Simply put, this is your personal stenographer: you say – the application records. Using this program, any information and any message can be recorded effortlessly – just dictate your message using the microphone, and the application transcribes your words. The text size is not limited. Created notes, articles, and documents can be directly sent to print or saved in a format convenient for you. Those students who have problems with the accomplishment of qualitative academic papers can find help at

Typing bolt

The skill of fast printing is useful everywhere: at school, work, office meetings, and training. The online service will teach you to type with your eyes closed, provide exercises for training, show your typing speed, and the accuracy of hitting the right keys. It’s worth a try.


Meet a convenient online timer that can be used as a browser extension, a program for Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as a mobile application for Android and iOS. This program will easily show what you spend most of the time on when completing your tasks. You will be surprised at the results and level of your activity, and finally, you will understand why you are not able to complete the project or task on time.


This is a task scheduler that will not fail under any circumstances, as it has the function of editing the schedule. Besides, it builds all cards with tasks by priority, which will not allow you to drop out of the schedule. The application evaluates your productivity, has a very convenient interface, and allows you to share information about your tasks and projects with other people.


It is a tool for managing projects without a headache. This application captivated its users by the fact that the creation of boards with complete information on the project seems to be as simple as if you just stick a “to buy milk” sticker on the fridge. You can easily transfer (drag and drop) tasks to other days, mark each using a color marker project status, and more. Boards and tasks can be deleted. One can manage time efficiently. In this application, even the smallest details are carefully thought out, which will allow you to save time significantly. 

So, it’s time to ask yourself where those 1 440 minutes that are given to you every day go? And if you feel that you could live better, use one of the applications offered above to increase productivity and improve the quality of your life.