Places you need to see when visiting Taipei

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In Taipei, you can spend a week and not get bored. There is always something to do, discover or a way to be entertained. Here are some of the most interesting corners of the vibrant capital of Taiwan and how to get there.

Ximending, Shi-men Ting

Also nicknamed the “Shibuya neighborhood, it is the commercial area par excellence of the city. It is almost completely pedestrianized, full of bright posters, shops, bars and coffee shops “cute”, Starbucks, convinience stores. Japanese culture is very present in the area, as if it were a reflection of one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Tokyo. It is the area most frequented by young people and one of the biggest claims of Asian tourism visiting the capital.

It is a good base to stay try these day trips from Taipei, as it is perfectly connected to the rest of the city by subway (blue and green lines, Ximen Station) and bus.

The Tower 101

Its 508 meters high make it one of the tallest buildings in the world. It is the reference you can see from virtually anywhere in Taipei and its outskirts. Night lighting changes every day. At its base is a huge shopping center and, paying 600 NT $, you can access to the 89th-floor observatory.

To get there by subway, get off at Taipei City Hall (blue line) or at Taipei 101 / World Trade Center (red line).

Elephant Mountain

A hill 183 meters high and 1.5 km route to the top. The views of tower 101 and the financial area are spectacular. The most beautiful time to visit the place is at sunset during travel Taipei.

You can start the journey and can try these day trips from Taipei by accessing it from the last stop of the red metro line, Xiangshan.


Although the north zone of this district is the modern Ximending, in the low zone is the most traditional Taipei. Full of old shops, older people spending the afternoon in their squares, tea houses, dying guilds. Here is the historic Bopiliao street and the Longshan temple. You can walk from Ximending or take the blue metro line (Longshan Temple Station).

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and the Center Area

An immense square with the megalomaniac monument in the background. In the corners of the esplanade we can find the theater and the National Auditorium.

The memorial contains a statue of the former president and every hour a change of guard takes place. On the ground floor there is a bland museum about the history of the country.

One block east of the beautiful Peace Memorial Park 2-28 is located. In the area there are many government buildings and a silent Botanical Garden.

The Night Markets

One of the great attractions of the city is the multitude of night markets. Getting lost in them is an experience. Each position specializes in one or two dishes and some of them are so popular that they have their own queue storage system. Virtually every district has its own and you can have dinner each night in a different one. The most famous and largest is the Shilin (red metro line, Jiantan stop). Also recommended: Raohe, Huaxi, Ningxia, Tonhua and Liaoning.

The Goken of Maokong

A cable car system that connects the southern entrance to the Taipei Zoo, Zhinan Temple and Maokong tea plantations. There are two types of cable cars: glass floor and standard, each with its own row.

We recommend the excursion through the mountainous area of Maokong: relaxing walks, streams, views of the city and tea houses.


Nice fishing village at the mouth of the river with the same name. It has a beautiful promenade and very ornate streets. Place attended by the people of the capital who go to watch the sunset at TAMSUI. It also has its small night market and many restaurants.


Small mountain town of marked Japanese air and mining tradition, streets adorned with lanterns and tea houses. If you want to know more about this jewel, try these day trips from Taipei “JIUFEN” will tell you in detail in our entry about Jiufen.

You can access from Taipei by taking a train to Ruifang. Once you leave the station you should go to the stop next to the police station and take bus 827 or 788 that takes you to the town. Another option is to take line 1062 that leaves from Songshan station (metro green line).

If you want to know more about the city and our experience in each of these places, you can visit the entry we made about Taipei. You can also find in our blog detailed information our trip to Taiwan.

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