The Arizona Board of Regents has taken a significant stride toward improving health care for residents of Arizona by giving its formal approval for the establishment of a new medical school at ASU. The school is slated to open in fall 2026.

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The move is a part of the AZ Healthy Tomorrow initiative, a plan to grow the healthcare workforce of the state.

“We are focusing our full energy and innovation on improving Arizona’s health outcomes,” ASU President Michael Crow said last year in announcing the plan to open the medical school. “We must generate knowledge at a scale that will impact society. Our university charter drives us to assume fundamental responsibility for the overall health of the communities we serve. This is an extension of that core belief.”

ASU is taking an innovative approach with its new medical school by allowing students to complete two degrees: a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and a master’s degree in medical engineering. 

Collaborative clinical partnerships will bolster research and academic programs, providing solutions aimed at enhancing patient care and healthcare outcomes.

The new school will be called the School of Medicine and Advanced Medical Engineering. 

Northern Arizona University is also planning on opening a new medical school and the University of Arizona is planning on doubling its medical school graduates. In addition to medical students, all three universities have plans to grow programs across the healthcare field, including nursing, physical therapy and health science programs.

“ASU’s innovative medical and engineering program is poised to cultivate world-class physicians and secure a healthier future for our families and our state,” ABOR Chair Fred DuVal said. “This is a noteworthy achievement for the AZ Healthy Tomorrow initiative and will enhance access to care for all Arizonans.”