Abrazo Health hospitals resumed elective care on May 1 for patients across the Valley. Elective procedures are now being scheduled at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, along with Abrazo Central Campus, Abrazo Scottsdale Campus and Abrazo West Campus.

“This has been a challenging time for our community. Many patients have postponed medical care or are in need of treating new symptoms,” said Abrazo Health Chief Executive Officer Brian Elisco. “It is our privilege to resume elective care and to provide care to our community.” 

Elisco noted that Abrazo had been in daily communication with the medical staff of its hospitals about protocols to prevent and treat COVID-19, safety protocols as CDC, CMS and state guidelines evolved, new services such as telehealth and other general updates.

“I would like to express my appreciation to all that helped us prepare for a successful resumption of elective procedures. We were able to accommodate a significant number of procedures at the Abrazo Arrowhead Campus and Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital on May 1, and we continue to schedule an increasing numbers of procedures,” said Elisco. “I think this speaks very highly of our surgeons’ and community’s confidence in our preparations and ongoing patient safety measures.” 

“Over the last month, we have demonstrated that our medical community can come together to prevent and treat COVID-19 while safely caring for other illnesses. Our health system is safe for elective and emergent care. We have rigorous protocols in place, adequate access to testing and protective personal equipment, as well as well-trained and experienced staff,” said Elisco. 

Abrazo is committed to universal safety for patients, physicians and staff. It has taken every precaution, combining infection prevention processes, training, testing and supply of personal protective equipment. The following resources are in place as elective care resumes: 

• Screening for all patients, visitors and staff prior to entry at the hospital

• Social distancing practices including limiting visitors and vendors

• Separate care pathways, areas, and staff for potential or confirmed COVID-19 patients

• Universal masking for all caregiver’s staff and patients

• Access to COVID-19 testing for all patients, physicians and staff who require it

• Ample inventory and pipeline of protective personal equipment

• Heightened infection prevention policies across all sites of care

“Our physicians’ and staffs’ perseverance and willingness to adapt is a reflection of our commitment to provide exceptional care. I am inspired and assured that with our continued teamwork we will be able to safely increase our community’s access to elective care,” said Elisco.