The Suns are on pace to have the most made 3 pointers in a season since the 2006-2007 campaign. And the US Navy League is benefitting big from this trend. Fulton Homes and CEO Doug Fulton have chosen them as the charity for the first half of their “Proud to Own the 3 Point Zone” sponsorship and promotion.           

Fulton Homes has teamed up 7 of the last 10 seasons with the Phoenix Suns for the Fulton Homes “Proud to Own the Three-Point Zone” program to boost the U.S. Navy League, which serves and supports all sea services of the U.S. Military including the U.S. Navy, Marine Corp., Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.

With the season a little more than ½ over, the Suns have hit 417 total 3-point baskets as of January 18th. This is well ahead of last year’s pace and accelerating from the first ¼ of this season. The team is successfully converting more than 9.3 3-point shot attempts per game, which is the highest level since the “Run and Gun Suns” of 2006-2007. Last season the Suns averaged 7.5 made 3-point shots, making 2017-2018 a big improvement and a big win for The Navy League.

“Fulton Homes is again proud to partner again with the Phoenix Suns for another season,” Doug Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes, said. “As the Suns keep improving their three-point game, Fulton Homes will continue supporting the U.S. Navy League for the inspiring work they do each day. It’s a great fit for Fulton Homes and the fans,” he added.

During the games on the television broadcast, Suns fans hear “Fulton Homes is Proud to Own the 3 Point Zone” after every made basket or at the next break in action.