You’ve likely seen the online ads to get paid for offering up your opinion. Just answer a few quick questions through paid online surveys and then receive cash or gift cards? Perhaps it sounds too good to be true (hint: it’s not.).

The reality is that paid online surveys are absolutely legitimate. If you’re searching for a way to make some quick extra money from home, keep reading to learn more about which reputable survey sites to partner with and offer the most bang for your buck.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started making money with paid online surveys is incredibly easy. First, search for the best sites that not only provide the best payouts but which also offer surveys that interest you. From there, you’ll need to sign up for an account.

Often, you must be age 18 or older and provide other personally identifying information, like your gender, state of residence, ethnicity, and more. After doing so, that data will be used to determine your eligibility for different surveys.

All this personally identifying information can, for better or worse, decide whether companies will select you for specific surveys. But don’t be surprised if you don’t qualify for every survey to which you apply. It often takes time and know-how to become an experienced survey taker.

How Do You Get Paid?

Unlike a traditional 9-to-5 job, payments and payout types will vary by survey. Being familiar with the best sites will ensure you get the most cash in hand. But keep in mind you won’t get rich overnight. In fact, if someone says they’ve made thousands of dollars a month doing surveys, then take that as a red flag and don’t use that site.

Typically, payouts for any survey will be between a few cents and $5. Occasionally, a larger payout will appear — up to as much as $200 — but those are incredibly rare finds. After completing a survey, you don’t get paid instantly. Instead, most sites require you to participate in a certain number of surveys before receiving a payout.

Conversely, many websites send payouts in gift cards for popular brands like Amazon and Starbucks. Some of the most reputable sites pay participants via PayPal or send a check in the mail. How you choose to be paid out will determine your payout threshold.

How Do You Find the Best Survey Sites?

Finding reputable sites can be challenging. Of course, there are countless options out there, and it can be a little tricky deciding which ones are most worth your time and energy. Fortunately, a lot of the hard work has already been done for you, with experts having sample-tested a variety of paid survey sites to determine which offer the:

• Best payments

• Best payout terms

• Best investment of your time

One of the best and most proven websites is Swagbucks. Swagbucks offers top money for participating in their surveys and a variety of payout terms for users. Ultimately, when searching for the top paid survey sites, look at online reviews to find the best opportunities that match your needs.

Take Paid Online Surveys and Watch Your Nest Egg Grow

No matter your level of participation, taking advantage of paid online surveys represents a real chance to make some extra cash. To wit, it’s a great feeling knowing you’ll get paid simply for your time. But understanding how to get started and where to find reputable survey sites is essential to getting money into your pocket. So, take a survey here or there and, soon, you’ll start to see your nest egg grow.