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Arizona Manual Therapy Centers launch new website

Arizona Manual Therapy Centers, one of only five therapy centers in the valley offering manual physical therapy techniques, has launched its new website (www.arizonamanualtherapycenters.com) and Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaManualTherapyCenters offering Scottsdale/Phoenix residents information about the benefits of physical therapy and for injury prevention and rehabilitation.  The new site details how manual physical and orthopedic therapy approaches used at Arizona Manual Therapy Centers, differs from traditional physical therapy and the benefits it offers for individuals with a wide variety of conditions and activity levels.

“We take a hands-on approach with our patients, both literally in terms of therapy and figuratively in terms of getting to know them and understand their needs and goals, and we wanted the website to reflect that mindset,” said Richard Sedillo, PT, COMT (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist) and founder of Arizona Manual Therapy Centers. “When people think of physical therapy they think of rehabbing from injuries and accidents. While that’s a part of what we do, physical therapy can also help prevent or reduce the severity of sports- and work-related injuries and help encourage people who have been leading sedentary lives to become more active. Our goal is to inform and educate visitors so they can make decisions that allow them to enjoy the lifestyle they want.”

Arizona Manual Therapy Centers’ “hands-on” approach goes beyond physical therapy’s traditional “stretch and exercise” methods by incorporating orthopedic manual therapy. This literal hands-on manipulation and mobilization of joints and muscles helps restore the normal function of soft tissues and joints with less pain in a way that stretching and exercise alone can’t achieve.

Their new Facebook page provides links to the latest articles on proper exercise techniques, manual/physical therapy, diet/nutrition and information related to various conditions and disease states as well as new offerings at the clinic.