Nine out of 10 people are unaware they can enroll in health insurance starting November 15, according to the recent  Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. To help educate Arizonans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is launching a new program called, “Get In!”. It is designed to encourage Arizonans to get interested, to get informed and to get involved in making their health insurance selection.

For useful information about open enrollment or purchasing health insurance coverage, visit will serve as the hub for information by providing useful links and answers to commonly asked questions regarding health insurance coverage. The website will be a convenient resource offering tips for selecting a plan, featuring at-a-glance comparisons, providing definitions of health insurance terms, and explaining how to qualify for financial assistance, along with many additional tools.

“With 75 years of service to Arizonans across the state, our members and community rely on us to be a trusted advisor, especially during the open enrollment time frame,” said Jeff Stelnik, senior vice president of BCBSAZ. The ‘Get In!’ campaign aims to demystify insurance and equip consumers with information so they can choose the best health insurance plan for themselves and their families.”

In addition to the information on the website, the “Get In!” campaign will include a series of community outreach events hosted by BCBSAZ to further educate consumers about their options during open enrollment.

The current open enrollment period is Nov. 15, 2014 through Feb. 15, 2015.