The nonprofit MORE Foundation (Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Research and Education) recently hosted a course on ankle sprain rehabilitation with hands-on cadaveric demonstration of ankle surgeries that was open to Phoenix-area orthopedic surgeons, residents, fellows and physical and occupational therapists. The event, which occurred on August 22, was part of the MORE Foundation’s 2015 Educational Series, and provided a unique opportunity for Physical Therapists to experience the surgical reconstructions for which that they are responsible to functionally rehabilitate.

Thirty-two physical therapists and other healthcare professionals attended the session entitled “Lateral Ankle and Peroneal Tendon Reconstruction: Repair to Rehab.” The session, which included a hands-on cadaveric demonstration of surgeries and anatomy review, was led by podiatrist Dr. Jeffrey E. McAlister and physical therapist Dan Neal, both from The CORE Institute.

“The hands-on demonstrations on the cadaver ankles allow the physical therapists to better understand what their patients experience as they work to regain their mobility post-surgery,” said Patricia Lewis Finnell, Board Chairwoman of the MORE Foundation. “The response from these classes has been extremely positive as it provides the physical therapists a more holistic understanding of what the patient is going through.”