GetFileAttachment-8Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa announced Dr. Annette Lusko as the first graduate of its residency program, which started three years ago to expand postdoctoral education opportunities for osteopathic physicians in Arizona.

Due to physician shortages, creating osteopathic residency opportunities in Arizona have become a top priority. According to Midwestern University, who academically sponsors the residency program, 97 percent of Arizona-native students who receive postdoctoral training in-state stay in Arizona to practice, reducing the need to address shortages by recruiting physicians from other areas of the country.

Upon graduating from the osteopathic residency program, Dr. Lusko will become a family medicine physician at Desert Grove Family Medical in Mesa, in addition to overseeing physicians in Mountain Vista Medical Center’s residency clinic.

“Being raised in the East Valley for the majority of my childhood, and now having the opportunity to give back to the community I grew up in, means the world to me,” said Dr. Lusko. “Under the instruction and mentorship of my program director, I truly feel like I could conquer anything. During the residency training, I was challenged consistently. It helped to foster my goals, both academically and personally.”

Dr. Lusko is a graduate of Midwestern University and completed her first year of training in Indiana due to Mountain Vista’s program not being implemented yet. Once the program launched, she applied and was thrilled to be accepted and to be given the opportunity to provide care in her home community.

The residency program was introduced to the Mesa community in 2012, with three programs specific to general surgery, internal medicine and family medicine.

“It’s been amazing to watch the growth and the success of the postdoctoral training we’ve been able to offer in conjunction with Midwestern University,” said Tony Marinello, CEO of Mountain Vista Medical Center. “We’re truly helping to address our state’s physician shortage with the hopes of keeping the best medical talent here in the Valley.”