Stat Doctors™, a leading eHealth service providing 24/7 access to affordable health care, recently received the Industry Innovator Award from The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHCC).

The IHCC, which honors individuals and organizations that create and provide innovative health and benefit management programs, recognized Stat Doctors’ convenient, cost-effective and high-quality health care model.

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by the health care industry for a delivery system we so deeply believe in,” said Dr. Alan Roga, founder and CEO of Stat Health Services. “We are unrelenting in our commitment to provide the best possible care to our patients, and continually seek out new ways to improve our model and enhance the patient experience.”

Stat Doctors is the only eVisit provider with a proprietary network of board-certified, practicing emergency medicine physicians. With an average wait time of six minutes, patients can be treated for minor illnesses and common medical conditions online and over the phone, anytime of day. Physicians diagnose symptoms and recommend a treatment plan. When needed, Stat Doctors physicians can ePrescribe medications to be electronically delivered to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. A follow-up call is also conducted 72 hours after the initial eVisit.

Stat Doctors is available as a supplemental benefit through employer-provided health insurance coverage. The service provides significant cost savings, as the maximum out-of-pocket expense for a Stat Doctors visit is $50, compared with much higher costs for an urgent care or emergency room visit.

“In addition to cost savings, patients report that Stat Doctors’ convenience is hugely important,” added Roga. “They can be treated by a top emergency medicine physician in a matter of minutes from their home, their workplace, or even when they’re out of town. In today’s hectic world, the ease and accessibility of Stat Doctors is crucial.”

The IHCC recognized Stat Doctors in HealthCare Consumerism Superstars 2013, the eighth annual awards issue of the Institute’s magazine, HealthCare Consumerism Solutions.