In Arizona, 106,189 consumers who get their health insurance through the state’s marketplace would see their deductibles rise by 407 percent under the Republican Senate bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to a study of the GOP health plan released today by Families USA.

For the average marketplace consumer in Arizona, that would mean deductibles rise from $1,183 to $6,000.

And virtually no one would see lower deductibles under the GOP health plan, according to the report.

Deductibles rise under the Republican plan for two reasons. First, the bill cuts premium tax credits, which would force most people to buy less generous plans that have higher deductibles. Second, the bill completely eliminates the cost-sharing assistance that allow insurance companies to offer lower deductible plans to lower- and middle-income families.

“This dramatic increase in deductibles would impose a staggering financial hardship and bar access to quality health care for thousands of hard-working families in Arizona and for millions across the nation,” said Frederick Isasi, executive director of Families USA. “Is this the direction our nation wants to go in – making health care less affordable? The Senate should drop this plan that hurts so many families and reach across the aisle to develop real solutions for our nation.”