Recycling electronics is an important step in preserving our environment and preventing further damage to it. As such, the US must strive to be a leader in responsible e-waste management. Taking a small amount of time to find a responsible & experienced electronic waste (e-waste) recycler is well worth the effort, and we’ll touch on why in this article.

When In Doubt, Trust the Experts

Electronics recycling firms like East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) offer a secure and certified option for disposing of all types of electronics, from mobile phones & computers to printers and small appliances. Recycling facilities are licensed & designed to handle the demanufacturing & sorting work that goes into the process of properly recycling equipment. 

Additionally, when you have a pickup done by a recycler like ECER Inc. (or drop off your material at their facility), they will send you a certificate of recycling which ensures that your obsolete electronics have been handled ethically, that nothing collected was disposed of improperly, and that the data stored on hard drives was either wiped or destroyed.

E-Waste Recycling: Part of Being A Good Corporate Citizen

Ensuring that all of your electronic devices are properly disposed of at an experienced e-waste facility sends a message to staff & clients alike that your company consists of good corporate citizens. 

By taking the time to properly recycle your electronic devices, you can help reduce the amount of material disposed of at landfills (often illegally) and reduce the likelihood of soil & water contamination as a result. Furthermore, you can help prolong the useful life of valuable resources such as copper & e-waste plastic: by recycling with a firm like ECER Inc., these materials are sorted and end up being repurposed for use in new electronic devices, thereby reducing the need to mine for new materials required for manufacturing these items.

In addition, your company will make a statement to employees & your customer base alike by stating that you care about the environment as well as their privacy. A responsible e-waste recycler such as ECER Inc. either wipes all hard drives to Department of Defense standards or destroys them to ensure that your private information never ends up where you don’t want it to go.

By choosing to properly recycle your computer electronics, you can help protect and preserve the environment for future generations. Show your support for a clean environment by ensuring that all of your electronics are recycled properly.

An overview: why is responsible e-waste recycling so important, and how is it done?

1. E-waste recycling prevents our natural resources from being tarnished by keeping items that can leach contaminants into soil & reservoirs out of landfills.

2. E-waste recycling is practiced by companies committed to being good corporate citizens who value & appreciate their staff and clientele. This is proven by acknowledging the importance of proper recycling & secure data destruction, and the peace of mind that comes with using a responsible electronics recycler like ECER Inc. to provide these vital services to them.

3. E-waste recycling keeps the components of computers, printers, TVs and other devices from merely taking up space intact or in parts by prolonging their useful life in the form of the consumer electronics of the future.

By taking these simple steps we can reduce e-waste and ensure a clean environment for future generations.

Spending a little time to research a responsible electronics & computer recycling company near you is well worth the time & effort for the aforementioned reasons and then some. Firms like ECER Inc. have the experience and the track record to prove that they are one of the companies committed to recycling electronics the right way, and after two decades go to great lengths to establish long-term working relationships with all of their clients.

The US is only second to China in producing the most e-waste each year, but you can do your part by properly recycling your electronic devices once they become obsolete. Taking the initiative to recycle your equipment helps protect the environment from hazardous materials that could be highly dangerous to humans & wildlife alike if sent to landfills. 

Furthermore, you can help prolong the life of your equipment’s basic components by using a recycler like ECER Inc. that works toward the eventual repurposing of e-waste plastic, glass & metals. 

As it does in every aspect of life, making the right decisions matter. Working with a reliable recycler will assure that when it comes to your staff, customers, and our planet, you are committed to doing the right thing!