These days, people are always looking for ways to create a healthier and more eco-friendly living space. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook small details like appliance cleanliness, but keeping home appliances clean is actually essential for a safe and healthy home environment. Regularly cleaning appliances can reduce dust, dirt and Germs as well as reduce the need for costly appliance repair services. 

In this article, we will discuss eight impactful ways to clean your appliances in order to promote a healthy home environment.

1. Fix And Repair Appliances

Cleaning appliances isn’t the only way to ensure your appliances remain operational and in tip-top condition. To keep your appliances running in excellent condition, make sure to set up regular maintenance schedules and promptly fix any problems. If an appliance has become particularly problematic, it’s best to consult a reliable appliance repair service like to advise you on the best course of action.

2. Clean Refrigerator Regularly

The refrigerator can often become the forgotten appliance in the home, but keeping it clean is an absolute must. 

Firstly, it’s important to regularly clean out all the food — properly discard any that is past its expiration date, as this can lead to any number of health risks like food-borne illnesses

Secondly, make sure to clean the inside and shelves of the refrigerator at least twice a month with a natural cleaner. This will help eliminate any bacteria or dirt that might be lingering in the walls or shelving and prevent cross-contamination. 

3. Clean Grease In Oven

The oven is another appliance that will attract grease and dirt if left unchecked. The best way to remove this is to create a mixture of baking soda, water and a few drops of essential oil, then apply it over the oven walls. 

Let the mixture sit to allow it to do its work, then rinse off and buff with a clean cloth. 

4. Clean Dishwasher Regularly

Just like the refrigerator, the dishwasher deserves its fair share of TLC too. During home cleaning sessions, make sure to wipe the exterior of the dishwasher down as well as any exposed hoses or seals. 

Once they are clean, put dishwasher-cleaning tablets in the detergent dispenser and run a cycle with hot water. This will help clean out any gunk, grease and soap scum that has built up in the dishwasher over time. 

5. Regularly Clean Microwave

Food bubbles and spills can stick to the walls of microwaves, making it difficult to get rid of. To clean, use a mixture of white vinegar and water, then wipe the inside of the microwave with it. 

Following this, you can use a scrubbing sponge or microfiber cloth to get rid of any tough spots or stains. 

6. All-Round Cleaning For Stove Tops

Stove tops come with a variety of surfaces that need to be regularly cleaned and scrubbed for maximum hygiene. To clean the cooktop, we recommend using a natural kitchen cleaner and a soft cloth, so the surface isn’t scratched. 

7. Maintain Your Washing Machine

It’s a good idea to keep your washer in good condition and that usually means looking after it on a regular basis. Washing machines ought to be kept out of direct sunlight and make sure to wipe down the top and hinges of the door now and then. 

Between times, it’s useful to do a hot cycle with two cups each of white vinegar and baking soda. This helps to get rid of any tough dirt that has built up over time.

8. Regularly Clean Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are often exposed to bacteria and limescale over time and because of this, it’s important to clean them regularly. To take care of the limescale, fill the water tank with a mixture of vinegar and water and then run the machine. If you don’t want any vinegar smell, rinse afterwards with clean water. 

To make sure that the outside of your coffee maker is always sparkling, make sure to wipe it down with a damp cloth. 


Overall, keeping your appliances clean is a cheap method to make your house healthier. You can enhance your home’s appearance overall and keep your appliances operating well with routine cleaning and maintenance. By following these recommendations, you may rest easy knowing that your appliances won’t need pricey repairs or replacements, freeing up more cash for other home health improvements.