It’s been a big year for Deloitte in Arizona.

• The company has moved into its new delivery center at The Commons at Rivulon in Gilbert, which employs more than 2,000 people.

• Deloitte finalized a lease as a top-floor tenant at 100 Mill— the tallest commercial building in the Tempe Town Lake district.

• And in June, the company named Ken Udenze as managing partner of its Arizona practice, succeeding longtime leader Jonas McCormick.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve as Arizona managing partner and look forward to expanding my experience in my new role at Deloitte,” says Udenze, who brings 28 years of experience, specializing in public- and private-company reporting matters and mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Az Business magazine talked with Udenze. Here’s what he has to say.

Az Business: How did you get your start in your industry?

Ken Udenze: I knew a few accountants and finance specialists growing up and always was curious about a career in financial services. My interest then became focused as I learned more about the services provided by major accounting and consulting firms and that is when I pivoted to a career in one of the big firms.

AB: What do you think are your best qualities as a leader?

KU: As a leader, my best qualities are remaining focused and straight to the point with my colleagues and in my work.

AB: What would people who work with you say are your best qualities as a leader?

KU: I am hardworking and strive to have others’ backs. Additionally, I am a driver for higher performance for myself and my teammates.

AB: What have you learned in the last year that will help you become an ever better leader?

KU: In the last year, I’ve become more aware of different personalities at work and am recognizing how to navigate different working styles. This has helped me in my transition as the Arizona marketplace leader as I work with many different clients, colleagues and community organizations.

AB: What advice would you give a young person who aspires to become a leader in your industry?

KU: In the accounting industry, I would advise young professionals to have strong perseverance and motivation to work hard. Good communication and people skills can also differentiate individuals as leaders.

AB: What accomplishment gives you the most pride?

KU: Being in the profession for close to 30 years as an under-represented minority is no small feat.

AB: What are your goals as the leader for Deloitte in Arizona?

KU: As the new marketplace leader for the Arizona practice, I hope to continue our growth and eminence across the region while fostering more camaraderie and connectivity within our practice.