The second quarter brought about seismic shifts to the rehab therapy industry, and WebPT, the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth, quickly responded by launching a telehealth solution in just seven days, rolling out digital intake, developing timely educational content for clinic owners, and expanding its team to meet customer needs. As a result, the company has reported better than anticipated Q2 bookings and beat its first-half sales goal by double digits.

“There’s an undeniable shift toward digitization of the patient and provider experience — from intake to delivery of care — and recent events have only accelerated this shift,” said Nancy Ham, CEO of WebPT.  “WebPT was thrilled to be able to quickly pivot and deliver new digital solutions to our customers.” 

These new developments mark an important step forward for the entire rehab therapy industry and have sparked a new wave of growth for WebPT in these areas:

Record-breaking sales: WebPT finished the first half adding more than 1,700 new clinics to the EMR platform, significantly outpacing its growth goals. WebPT also enabled more than 1,300 clinics to connect and communicate with patient populations through WebPT Reach, the company’s patient relationship management solution. This extends WebPT’s position as the market leader in rehab therapy.

Product innovation: In response to the rapid rise in demand for virtual care technology, WebPT developed and launched an integrated telehealth solution — WebPT Virtual Visits — in seven days. Customers have used the platform to conduct more than 30,000 virtual patient visits since April. WebPT also released a digital patient intake feature to minimize physical contact and time spent in the waiting room for patients. More than 2,000 clinics are currently using the digital patient intake system — a number that continues to grow daily.

Industry thought leadership: Since mid-March, WebPT has created more than 58 blog posts, five webinars and five downloadable guides — all free and publicly available — to help rehab therapy practice owners maintain business continuity and navigate the rapid legislative changes occurring in health care. To date, more than 262,000 people have engaged with WebPT’s pandemic-related content. The company also began distributing a patient visit and telehealth trend report to industry leaders every two weeks to help inform their business decision-making. 

New executives and company growth: WebPT’s continued momentum prompted the company to add two prominent executives to its leadership team: Chief Financial Officer Jason Heath and Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations Ginger Miller. The company also added over 50 new RCM positions. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion commitments: Amid this growth — and in response to current events — the team is also working to create an even more cohesive workplace through new diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, prompting the launch of several new programs and processes for hiring.

“We have always focused on creating an inclusive environment and a diverse workforce, but there is always more we can do,” said Dr. Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT, ATC, co-founder and chief clinical officer of WebPT. “This mindset extends far beyond our team, too. The lack of diversity and equity in the rehab therapy industry has inhibited certain patient populations from accessing quality care. And if we are to solve the 90-percent problem — that is, the fact that 90 percent of Americans who could benefit from physical therapy aren’t currently receiving it — we must confront the blind spots that exist within our industry. This starts with creating a culture of accountability internally and then using our voice to spark industry-wide change.”

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