When you are a business owner, you need to make decisions that will impact the success of your business. These decisions may be as small as what type of toilet paper to order for the employee bathroom or as important as where to spend the advertising budget this year. Some businesses have one person calling all of the shots whereas other businesses have a round of approvals required for any big purchase or spending plans.

No matter what your business structure looks like you may need to make a decision that may feel like a gamble where you may or may not see your return on investment. Where to spend advertising dollars is one of these large decisions. When choosing where to advertise, you want to take a close look at your marketing strategy and see what advertising options will help you achieve your sales goals. Without following a strategy, you may be wasting thousands or millions of dollars.

With some research and preplanning, you can find the best options for your advertising budget.

Why Choose Phoenix As a Place to Advertise In?

There are many cities in The United States that would be great options for advertisements, but Phoenix is definitely one of the best options.

Phoenix is the most populated city in Arizona. In addition to Phoenix, the surrounding areas like Scottsdale and Tempe have much draw. With over 1.6 million people in Phoenix and its ever-growing population, your advertisements will get maximum exposure.

Scottsdale is one of the top destinations for the Snow Birds, people that are looking to escape the harsh winters of the midwest and northeast. This area is known to have top resorts and golf courses.

The demographics of Phoenix showcase an age range of young to old. No matter what type of product or service you have, you should be able to find the right place to place the advertisement to receive maximum exposure.

Options For Advertising In Phoenix?

With Phoenix being a major city in The United States, you will come to find many options for advertisement placement throughout the city.


First, one of the most popular places for advertisements is the Phoenix billboards. Phoenix is a driving city. When traveling around the city, a car or public transportation is needed to get around. The city is spread out into several different areas. You may find yourself traveling on one of the highways at least once a day. This makes billboard advertisements a prime place to advertise in the Phoenix area.

Sporting Events

Phoenix is a mecca for sporting events like football, golf, baseball, and basketball on both the collegiate and professional levels. Advertising at a sporting event using digital signage wll give your company exposure during these events. Hundreds of thousands of people may walk by the advertisement and take note of your product if the advertisement is attention-grabbing and caters to the type of crowd at the events. By customizing the copy text of the advertisement and the image, you will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Tourists and Business Travelers

With all of the tourism in Phoenix and Scottsdale, you will be advertising to people just visiting temporarily. The type of travelers into the Phoenix/Scottsdale market include both business travelers, long-term project travel, and leisure travel. Places to promote to these travelers can begin as soon as they step foot into the Phoenix Airport. The potential client can see advertisements for your business as they wait at baggage claim, as they wait for their rental car, and then as they drive through the city. By captivating a visitor to Phoenix, your advertisement may leave an impression on this person and they may bring your product back to their hometown.

What Type of Companies Advertise In Phoenix?

Phoenix, as a market, is great for both small and large companies to advertise in. Your company will get the maximum reach to a broad age range, young to old.

Making the Right Business Decisions

No matter what popular advertising method you choose, these various ways to advertise should give you the return on investment that you are looking for. If these methods of advertising do produce the sales you were expecting or more, you can be confident that your decision-making on the business is in tune with what a successful business needs. If you do not receive the return on investment you were seeking, you must go back to the drawing table, make revisions to your marketing and try again.