Keeping a roof over your head is very important. The roof is what makes a home truly safe from the elements. It is the last thing construction workers put on when they complete a house, and when it falls apart, you must replace it as soon as possible.

Many things can go wrong with the roof of a building or house. There are obvious signs that your roof is falling apart, such as debris from the outside suddenly making an excessive appearance in your house. However, there are three not-so-obvious signs that you have an urgent need to get a new roof.

The Shingles are Changing Shape

If the shingles on your roof suddenly take on an unusual appearance, you should have your roof inspected immediately. For example, if the shingles are curling, it may indicate a leak in the roof. If there is a leak, a trustworthy roofing company can let you know if the roof can be repaired or if your home needs brand new roofing.

Shingles may also curl if they were not installed correctly. If this is the case, and the roof is not too old, you may be able to replace the misaligned shingles with new ones. In addition, if your home has an attic and does not have proper ventilation, it may also cause shingles to curl.

There is Moss on the Roof

Although it may give your home a classic look, moss is very dangerous to your roof. When moss grows, it can push your shingles up, allowing for wind, rain, and snow to get into your home. In addition, it will allow heat and cool to escape from your home and let pests get in.

Moss also retains moisture. Excessive moisture can eventually warp older shingles which can cause leaks. Indianapolis has many heavy snowstorms, and snow on a warped roof can cause it to collapse.

A professional roofing company can attempt to remove moss from the roof if the buildup is not too significant. They can try to treat the roof with moss killer. However, if the moss has already caused damage to your roof, you will have to replace it. Click here to learn more.

Your Roof is Old

When you bought your house, the previous owner should have provided you with paperwork stating the roof’s age. You should check the age of the roof versus its life expectancy.

For example, a slate or copper roof should last 50 years or more. There are clay roofs that are over 100 years old; shingle or compost roofs tend to last about 20 years.

Finding a roofing company

When you look for a roofing company, you will want to find one with contractors who have many years of experience working in your city. You will also want to find a company with a contracting license that is up to date and in good standing.

Keeping your home safe and secure should be your top priority. Maintaining your roof and replacing it when necessary will protect you and your family and make sure your home looks excellent and increases in value.