Tough times call for tough measures.

The unexpected turn of events has made businesses around the globe realize the actual meaning of the above phrase. As business owners prepare themselves for some tough times ahead, they are forced to adopt actions that they were initially not game for.

For instance, a lot of firms never gave their employees the flexibility to work from home. Now, with the government-enforced social distancing norms they are forced to accept that this will be the new way of conducting business.

This has made them realize how remote work is actually a better way of ensuring employee productivity and they have started considering the idea of moving to remote work culture permanently. This has proven a boon to many employees as they are now able to enjoy a better work-life balance.

While the pandemic is taking a toll on everyone is every possible aspect, here’s how businesses are staying afloat in this situation:

Virtual meetings:

The biggest change after the shift to remote work is the way everyday work coordination is being carried on. Virtual meetings have become the new standard of communication between managers and their teams. This has allowed them to keep work running between the geographical scattered employees.

With the help of a video conference software, it has become easy to have conversations that give the feel of an in-person meeting. It has also helped in ensuring employees don’t feel isolated due to the physical distance. Managers and employers have made use of this platform to discuss work and ensure employees stay productive.


Automating manual processes has become a necessity as businesses have to cut down on expenses. With the decline in customer footfall, business owners are having difficulty to keep their huge staff onboard. This has led to them adopting the use of relevant tech tools.

For instance, a payroll software has made it easy to automate the entire payroll process and ensure employees receive their salaries on time. The automation has allowed businesses to cut down the expenses required to keep an entire team of accountants onboard.

Monitoring every expense:

Except a lucky few, every business is suffering in some way or the other due to the downfall in customer requirement. This has led to business owners being extremely careful about every penny being spent.

For instance, a lot of businesses have given up their office space completely since work is being carried on remotely. This has saved a lot of expenses like workplace rent, office furniture and appliances costs, etc. If you haven’t yet evaluated your expenses yet, it’s time to focus on cutting down any unnecessary travel and paperwork expenses.

Focusing on employee well-being:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that not many firms paid high attention to employee well-being until the pandemic happened. Now that they are made to survive entirely on employee performance, it has led to the realisation that employee well-being is of the highest priority.

Not just physical well-being, business owners have come to realize that employee mental health is equally important to ensure they are efficient. Managers are now taking all the necessary steps to show support to their employees and ensure they are satisfied.


Even though our lives have been turned upside down, businesses must remember to encourage social engagement and keep in touch with their employees. At the end of the day, employees are your biggest asset and looking after their well-being will ensure you come out stronger than ever. As an entrepreneur how are you keeping your organization afloat in the pandemic? What steps have you taken to overcome the current situation? Let us know in the comments below!