Many men are looking for the perfect footwear for themselves. Unfortunately, not all models are able to meet their requirements. The Jasper Wingtip sneakers represent a universal design that will definitely appeal to most gentlemen.

Men’s shoes should be distinguished not only by their comfort, but also by their solid workmanship and high-quality materials. Hybrid Jasper Wingtip sneakers combine all these features, thus ensuring that their owner feels unique. Find out how to wear this model of men’s footwear.

The phenomenon of the Jasper Wingtip model

The Jasper Wingtip sneakers are shoes that should find their way into every man’s closet. Regardless of preferred style, this type of men’s shoes will fit into many outfits – both business and less formal. They are an excellent compromise between classic elegance and casual fashion. Wearing them to the office, you can be sure that your feet will not get tired quickly, and you will feel comfortable at all times. The Jasper Wingtip model is especially recommended to men who are tired of wearing casual shoes, but would still like to look fashionable and stylish.

The Jasper Wingtip is a model that has been enduringly popular with men of all ages. They can be worn with both casual and formal outfits, as well as sports and streetwear styles. They go well with elegant clothes (suits, jackets), but also with light sweaters, T-shirts and simple pants (jeans, joggers). Everything you should know about Jasper Wingtip sneakers can be found on the Marc Nolan website, which offers a wide selection of men’s shoes for every occasion. 

What makes the Jasper Wingtip shoes so distinctive?

The Jasper Wingtip shoes are unique not only because of their versatile design, but also because of their high-quality manufacturing. For the production of this footwear, the best grades of natural grain and suede leather are used, which cover the outer part of the shoe. On the inside there is a comfortable leather insole as well as lining, in order to ensure proper air flow and protect feet from moisture. The sole is made of shock-absorbing EVA rubber, which makes the footwear slip resistant and completely safe during everyday use.

The best seasons to wear Jasper Wingtip sneakers are summer and fall. The shoes are lightweight yet sturdy, making them suitable for both warm days and unfavorable weather. This model is perfectly matched with original accessories, such as wooden-framed sunglasses, a fashionable belt, a stylish watch or even socks with a funny pattern. For summer vacation we recommend shoes in light colors, e.g. mustard, and for autumn it is advisable to switch to models in darker shades, e.g. brown.

How to match Jasper Wingtip sneakers with your outfit?

Due to the versatile nature of the Jasper Wingtip sneakers, you can wear them with many different outfits. The models are available in practical colors that make it easy to match them with both smart shirts and sporty outfits. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable wearing. You can wear the Jasper Wingtip to the office, a formal meeting with a client, a first date or a night out on the town. When looking for the perfect combination, it is worth considering the color of the shoes. Shoes can complement your outfit and be the most important part of it.

If you are preparing to go wild during the weekend, you should try to break away from the mundane and choose bolder colors. We recommend suede sneakers in the shades of honey and beige, which can be matched with blue chinos and a plain jacket. Men who like fashion challenges can also wear this outfit to work. The Jasper Wingtip shoes for the office, preferably a lace-up model in a cognac shade, should be matched with a blue suit. A white shirt and red tie will complete the outfit.

Those who prefer a more subdued look should go for monochromatic colors, which are perfect for late summer and early fall. Choose navy blue sneakers and pair them with white pants and a straw colored T-shirt. The Jasper Wingtip also looks great with bleach-washed jeans and a trench. If you want to liven up your casual look a bit, wear the classic black shoes with red and white soles. Combine them with beige pants and a white shirt or patterned cardigan. This combination will keep your look professional while adding a touch of casualness to the whole outfit.