The food and beverage industry is one that faces constant challenges with ever-changing consumer demands. To keep up the pace, it’s vital for food businesses to digitally transform their supply chain and be up to speed to serve consumers. Besides, they also face continually changing regulations that need a proactive response to meet compliance requirements quickly.

An Infor M3 Support Solution provides an apt foundation and functionality for food businesses to thrive amid the massive challenges unique to the food and beverage industry. To know how to choose the right Infor M3 support partner for your business, click here.

Here’s how the solution can accelerate your business and deliver value with integrated features than traditional legacy systems:

Quick Implementation

Infor Accelerator enables quick configuration of significant core processes with prefabricated modules that can be tailored to your unique business requirements. Whether you specialize in Dairy, Bakery, Processed Foods, Meat and Poultry, etc., you can quickly find the right add-on components to extend and enhance your business workflow.

Instead of developing each application from scratch, you can be up and running quickly with pre-configured functionality and modules.

Drive Product Innovation

It’s now important more than ever to introduce new products to stay relevant in the market and respond to changing customer tastes. Therefore, an Infor accelerator can help to leverage modern technology to foster innovation and get novel products first-to-market.

With modules such as recipe planner and optimisation techniques, you can accelerate new product innovations to meet requirements of change and variety in the food business. Partner with the right Infor solution provider who can deliver the best ROI and deliver enhanced value for your business.

Transparent Supply Chain

Infor solution’s robust supply chain management helps you organise your suppliers, customers, warehouse and logistics all under one solution to maintain tighter control and greater transparency. Whether you are a local business or have a global footprint, it’s essential to collaborate across the end to end supply chain network:

• Accomplish upstream and downstream supplier transparency with end to end traceability

• Advanced statistical forecasting and demand sensing for optimal demand-supply planning

• Efficiently monitor agile distribution to provide near-perfect order fill rates

• Manage inventory with balance stock-build and demand for items with limited shelf-life

• 360-degree view to smart data-driven decisions

Thus, you will be equipped to compete in a fast-paced market that deals with high-volumes and volatile raw materials costs.

Enable Traceability and Improve Safety and Compliance

As a food business, it’s essential to provide your consumers with safe and high-quality products that can be traced back from the farm to the table. Infor 3 accelerators enable you to achieve comprehensive quality management with complete traceability and visual lot tracking. As a result, you can reduce contamination or quality issues and test products to comply with regulatory and customer requirements. You can conform to specific quality needs of your customers and reduce non-compliance penalties.

Productive Employees

With Infor’s step by step methodology to refine the pre-configured modules as per your business processes, fewer employees need to be involved in the development and implementation business. Instead, employees can focus on core competencies and more time on training and become proficient in Infor food applications.

Besides, Infor applications have personalised, role-based homepages accessible across a wide range of browsers and devices, thereby enabling employees to take charge. This enables faster adoption rates and drives greater workforce productivity where the user experience is given precedence.

 Ensure Operational Excellence

It’s vital to minimise planned and unplanned downtime throughout the operations of the food business. With the burgeoning growth of e-commerce and doorstep meal delivery services, your business needs to maintain faster delivery to reach customers. With Infor M3’s cloud suite solution, you can get the most of your assets, plant maintenance and inventory through automation and integration with IoT devices.

Most importantly, you can reduce operational costs with tighter controls and optimise best practices using technology, while delighting customers.

A Foundation for Future Success

Infor Implementation is perfect for companies that want to implement modern applications rapidly and easily with scalable capacities. Accounting for growth ahead with long-term scalability and continuous improvement, Infor accelerator can meet your growing needs of the business and seasonality management.

The platform quickly scales to support business growth, focusing on new strategy building instead of worrying about hardware or software infrastructure upgrades.

All in all, as your food business changes and grows, you also need an agile application that supplements the scope and complexity of your product line. Go a step ahead to reap the most benefits of Infor solutions by choosing the right implementation partner and make your mark in the food industry rapidly.