Anyone who has a balcony or terrace can consider themselves lucky. Especially in summer, every relaxed minute outdoors is like a short vacation. We have a few design ideas so that your outdoor area becomes a real oasis of well-being. Let our tips inspire you.

Green terrace / green balcony

• A wooden privacy screen is hung with several plants.

• Two small buckets of plants hang from a metal ladder.

• Two wooden flower boxes hanging on a brick wall.

• A balcony railing is decorated with many flowers and plants.

Lots of green always ensure closeness to nature. In order that you don’t have to carry large pots, it is worth hanging up a lot of small plants – small hanging pots are particularly suitable. For example, unsightly corners – such as a gray wall – can be easily concealed. The whole thing is a little bigger and is called Vertical Garden. You can also easily build such flower or plant boxes yourself from wood.

Mediterranean plants such as sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender or classic flowers such as geraniums, petunias, and daisies are suitable for sunny balconies or terraces. In rather shady corners, the fuchsia proves itself to be a survivor, as it feels comfortable even without much sun

Stylish patio furniture

A lounger made of two wooden pallets stands on a terrace. There is no better idea for your Garden & Home project. On a terrace, there is a sofa made of two wooden pallets.

An adapted wooden table is mounted in the corner of a balcony railing.

There are two small seats made from wine boxes on a terrace.

Anyone who wants to use the outside area as part of the apartment naturally needs patio furniture. There are countless options here – but furniture made from pallets is particularly suitable for all DIY enthusiasts.

Building a table or bench out of it has become an absolute classic.

Standardized pallets, which actually only have to be screwed together, can easily be obtained from the hardware store. Large cushions or a tabletop quickly turn it into a chic piece of furniture. With little effort and a little creativity, you can expand your pallet furniture: For example, you can build a backrest yourself from simple materials and design a lounger for a balcony from two pallets.

And if you still need some storage space, practical drawers for standardized Euro pallets can be made in just a few steps. And these drawers turned upside down, are wonderfully suitable as storage space for a good book or a cool drink while sunbathing.

You can also build chic balcony furniture yourself from simple boards or wine boxes

Practical shelves

Bowls, plates, and bottles are placed on a shelf made from a wooden pallet.

There is a door on a terrace that has been converted into a shelf.

Pallets don’t always have to be on the floor. Ever thought about hanging it on the wall? This turns them into a clever DIY shelf in no time at all. So that you can use and fill the shelf as a storage location, you only have to screw on a couple of suitable boards. With small extensions, such as wooden containers or suspensions, you can design the shelf flexibly for your purposes. Sanded, colored, and personalized. Everything is possible, everything is allowed.

Even easier and also super stylish: in just a few steps you can upcycle an old door and use it as a shelf.

Creative lighting

You probably want to enjoy your terrace in the later evening hours – nice lighting gives the whole thing the right flair. Solar light bulbs are particularly popular. You can easily get this online or at a hardware store. The advantage: The light bulbs can be hung anywhere without any tangled cables. In addition, they usually only need very little sunlight to charge in order to shine in the dark later. You can of course get creative when hanging up or making a light chain: In our case, we hung very large retro-style light bulbs on a thick rope and added lanterns and herbs in preserving jars.

If you want it to be even more romantic, you can use candles as hanging lights to conjure up great garden decoration lighting.

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you’re doing while you’re staying home. The best way to survive these days is to spend time with useful tools and work. DIY projects are therefore the best possibility.