While we were still nostalgic about the outdated appraisals, digitalization break entered the recruitment landscape and is now owning it! Companies that don’t adapt run the danger of losing out on top talent.

So, what’s the best digital tool to draw quality candidates?

Undoubtedly, it’s Social Media. You will find 4.62 billion individuals (More than half of the world’s population) worldwide using one or the other form of social platform.

Moreover, 86% of job seekers use social media not just to identify relevant positions but also to apply for them and interact with corporate content, shows CareerArc’s 2021 Future of Recruiting Stud

Consequently, you shouldn’t ignore the significance of incorporating social media recruitment into your hiring plan if you aim to cast a wider net for top talent.

Here in this article, we will be taking you to the roads of Social Media Recruitment,

And will tell you how it can improve your hiring outcomes.

Social Media To Your Brand Awareness

These days, almost every qualified applicant you might land for any position at your firm is on social media. Also, brands that are active on social media are seen as more reliable.

By working on your visibility, reputation, and corporate culture on social media,

you may significantly improve your employer brand.

You may build and present your company’s brand via social media.

Before the recruiting process even begins, engage job seekers in dialogue by including information about your company’s culture and values with your job postings.

Because candidates are aware of your workplace culture, you can recruit better talent.

Eventually, having a strong social media presence would benefit your company,

not just in terms of recruiting qualified candidates but also in terms of developing trust with future clients and increasing its appeal as a place to work. Thus utilizing the power of social media to enhance recruitment strategies will foster greater collaboration within the team.

Your Cost-Effective Job Board

Recruitment expenses can peek when spent on job marketing, especially if you’re using several different sources.

On the other hand, the cost of setting up a social media page is free, and social media ads are available for any budget.

Additionally, millennials are more likely to apply to a position advertised via social media posts than they are to upload their resumes to job boards because of the cultural shift this medium caused.

They concentrate on “what may be the best fit” rather than opting for the old, traditional ways of applying.

Social recruitment is effective and takes little time to hire, along with helping you in cutting hiring costs.

These advertising social media campaigns are also flexible, allowing you to alter your criteria, message, and budget whenever necessary if you don’t see the desired results.

The Net of Top Talent

Given social media’s extensive usage, it has a considerably wider audience than conventional recruiting methods.

Moreover, most job seekers who are on social media are tech-savvy and are well aware of the ongoing market trends.

Therefore, there’s no doubt why 92% of businesses use social media for hiring.

Companies have realised that they need to shift to social media if they want to engage and hire the most qualified candidates.

And it is evident in the reports. Jobvite survey found that 49% of hiring managers who use social media for hiring said these channels helped them find better prospects.

To reach a larger talent pool, it’s simple to use the social network of you and your staff. Finding quality hires is more likely if you look in and outside your immediate social networks.

The Effective Middle Men for Communication

Social media has changed the way we communicate today.

People gradually adapted to the experience of faster response times, continuous contact, and rapid connection by using platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

87% of your potential hires won’t answer a call from an unknown number, but they will reply to a text or a social media post.

Having said that, you can easily slide into the DMs of job seekers and establish a formal but comfortable interaction with them.

You can also call a few of your selected online connections to continue the conversation in person at your company’s facilities, after having chats with multiple potential prospects on social networking websites.

It’s a Wrap!

Social media is a powerful recruitment marketing tool as it enables you to engage with candidates in a general yet genuine way.

Businesses may gain from higher productivity, shortened hiring times, more access to talent, and improved applicant experiences by adapting to social media.

However, recruiters need to be careful towards their approach to this new-generation hiring tool.

It shouldn’t be casual but strategic. Since sometimes, bliss handled poorly can be misery in the long run.

When using social media, recruiters should be cautious not to take any actions that can backfire and result in poor online engagement with possible candidates or, worse, the loss of promising leads.