Instagram is the result of the changing technology and a platform that has revolutionized marketing campaigns. It has transformed many lives from the bottom to the top and brought a new perspective to the world. Initially, it was Facebook, but millennials and Gen Z started preferring Instagram due to its sophisticated interface and control over privacy and security. Since then, Instagram has seen an immense transformation with various updates and patches with a whole new UI.

Apart from this, the Instagram features have changed. Earlier, it only started with posts in jpeg formats, but now there are so many variations. You can post short videos as reels, long videos as IGTV, you can also go live. Additionally, Instagram stories were also the result of various updates. One might underestimate these updates since you have already been using them. The functionalities that Instagram has to offer result today from the tremendous growth in technology applied every step of the way. 

Who would have thought that people could connect on a platform instantly and post in an instant? It’s the result of technology. If such a feat is possible, what other changes will Technology bring to Instagram in 5 years?

1) Integrated Maps/Story Maps

This is a hypothetical scenario of Instagram integrating its location features with an integrated map like Map stories from Esri. This will revolutionize the travel and tourism industry and bring new ideas and personalized maps to tell your vacation story. Imagine adding landmarks and toggling them to find the posts and the images associated with them. This is the integration of cloud technology, ArcMap, and Instagram. If this happens, you will not just upload your post but provide a map view and a virtual tour of your trip.

2) IG Subscription option

Instagram is going to beat Onlyfans in their own game. Earlier your favorite influencers or celebrities would create an Onlyfans account to post exclusive content with a small subscription fee. Instagram is going to do the same and has already been tested in the US. So, you can access exclusive content of your favorite influencer. However, the guidelines or policies might differ, but this gives a new way of monetizing your posts and more reason to buy Instagram followers. This is a leap into the future where creators will get the rights they deserve and be paid for what they do efficiently. 

3) VR posts

You have witnessed the transformation of Instagram first-hand. As mentioned earlier, it started with pictures as a post, and now it also supports videos and gifs. So, what’s next? Very soon, Instagram will also support VR or Virtual Reality posts, allowing you as an influencer to provide an immersive experience to your audience. Imagine posting your stories as a VR video that will project your experiences to the world. This will be pretty different than the 360-degree posts on Facebook.  

4) AI for editing

Instagram edit features are pretty basic. It has some functionalities to change brightness, contrast, structure, or sharpness. Additionally, you can add basic filters like Moon, Clarendon, Ludwig, and more. The recent updates also include features to create your personalized filters, but that’s insufficient for the change. AI-based filters will allow precise corrections and added features of creating high-quality posts. You will no longer have to rely on Canvas for your IG edits. 

5) Machine learning and social media insights

Social Media Insights integrated with machine learning will give you precise data to work on your engagement strategies. It is a step forward to the tech space and the latest technology integrated with Instagram. Machine learning integrated with Instagram will also allow automated tasks like adding timely stories or using the same template for the day. It will indeed be a sight to see one day in the future. 

6) Chatbot integrated DM for Business profiles

People rely on third-party applications to make chatbots or direct bots on Instagram. It is a growing need for business profiles that get tons of customer queries that are repetitive. Deploying a chatbot in your IG DMs will help you build rapport with your potential clients and provide an instant reply. The future update of Instagram is likely to include an in-built chatbot feature where you can personalize it according to your needs.

7) NFT compatibility

NFT or Non-fungible tokens is a leap in blockchain technology and good news to digital creators. Artists can claim their rights quickly and auction their art anywhere in the world. Instagram is likely to provide this advantage to artists who have been valuable users in the Instagram community. In addition, Instagram is likely to provide an option to sell your NFTs or auction it to potential buyers. So, get ready for the change which is soon to happen. The feature is likely to be called Collectibles, which will also reflect in your IG feed. 

8) Interest search extension

The Instagram search extension has been a fluid and dynamic one with more and more tweaks added to the algorithm. For example, the queried result for interest includes IG pages and accounts. However, with interest search extension, the result is consequential and direct, which returns posts, pages, and accounts, allowing a more sophisticated approach. Hence, the chances of your posts getting discovered increase with keyword optimization and call to action. 

9) IG Stories to get an upgrade

Instagram stories have already seen multiple upgrades, including new trending stickers like uploading a photo of a specific task like what’s in front of you, your urban dictionary meaning of the name, and more. Other updates like IG polls and “Ask me” have changed how one perceives IG stories. This is likely to go one step ahead and get a story-like upgrade. You can get likes on your IG stories and get in the league in SERP results based on hashtags, location tags, and keywords. 


Technology is fluid, and its influence on Instagram is not futile. The Instagram developers team observes current trends in technology and psychology to decide on new updates and features on the platform. The integration of technology with Instagram has been happening since its launch in 2010. Hence, prepare your IG army well in advance when you buy followers on Instagram. The future has a lot to offer, especially in the digital domain, which will likely make you a millionaire if you keep up with it. The 5 years will pass by in a knick of time, but technology’s influence on Instagram is inevitable and impactful.