So, you’ve found yourself in the powerful position of having to plan the next corporate event for your company. This is finally your time to shine. You’re confident and a go-getter. The truth is, you are not intimidating; they are intimidated. So, please take this event planning opportunity to show everyone how you’re on the same team and build morale up to a level it’s never been before.

First Things First

Like planning any event, especially when you have the company’s budget, not your own personal one, you want to utilize the resources to your best ability to nail this event entirely. So, start with a quick search of “event planners near me” to help you get all the details ironed out. The great thing about event planners is they can take a considerable burden off your shoulders, so even though you’re planning the event, you still have your regular work responsibilities to attend to; this will help you stay focused and on top of your professional game.

You still want to impress the higher-ups, though, so make sure that even though you’re using an event planner, you maximize your budget and even have a little leftover in the budget – after all, you’re a rockstar employee. Planners can make this more manageable budget-wise as they have resources that you don’t when it comes to coordinating events.

Venues Are Crucial

Unless otherwise suggested by upper management that the event be held in house, hosting your corporate event in a different venue is a great way to get people to relax a little more than they might in the office. Pick a venue as upscale but comfortable as possible where people can mingle in between the speeches and meetings. You want to make sure that it can accommodate the size of the attendees (that’s a given), but you also want a place with lots of natural light and even some plants. Unfortunately, many corporate offices have awful overhead fluorescent lighting and drab paint colors. So hosting in a more vibrant setting will boost company morale, and it won’t seem like another “work event” for your coworkers.

Feed The People!

Chances are, the event could run all day depending on what type of event it is. It’s proven that we need fuel to keep our brain functioning optimally, so if you really want your peers to absorb the information being relayed to them during the event, you want to feed them and feed them well. You should hire a caterer that can do individually boxed meals and make sure you accommodate different dietary choices or restrictions – vegan and gluten-free options are a must.

On the other hand, if it’s simply a gathering like a meet and greet or only supposed to be a party, you can go in any direction you like. It would be nice to include the company’s mission statement in the theme of that party, but not completely necessary. Take things to the nines as far as venue, decor, and food go. Depending on the type of company you’re working for, black tie is always fun and if you have the budget for waiters and bartenders, spare no expense. Make it a night to remember!

Stuff We All Get

Who doesn’t love a little SWAG? If it’s within the budgetary guidelines you are given, consider creating a memento for the people in attendance. You can go the way of a champagne flute with the company’s insignia on it or something as simple as a t-shirt marking the event and the mission. It all depends on the type of company, the average age of the employees, and the kind of event you host. But, “stuff we all get” is a great way to say “thank you” to all the hard work the employees put in day after day.

Don’t worry, girl, you have got this. You are an ultimate boss, babe, and you know it. Now show them why they charged you with planning this in the first place!