Are you wondering if a child support order can be modified?

This may be because you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy after divorce, separation, or a breakup.

Child support may be the only way you can manage financially when you have the baby. If you’re worried about whether you will be able to modify your child support due to a pregnancy confirmation, here are some things that you need to know.

Can a Child Support Order Get Modified?

Having a baby on the way is grounds for having your child support order modified. This is because a new child means you will have additional expenses. It doesn’t matter the circumstances of conception, the child has a right to the best quality of life possible.

Once paternity is proven you have every right to ask for the modification of an existing order to accommodate your unborn child.

You may find that you need additional housing, or even a bigger car because an additional child is on the way. If you have complications during birth you may need extra help at home until you can recover.

This may mean you may need a nurse or a housekeeper to help care for the baby or the home. These are all valid reasons to need additional funds.

How to Modify a Child Support Order After Pregnancy Confirmation

A child support order can be modified by filing a motion or stipulation in the same court that granted the first child support order. Both parents will have to submit documents of financial statements, debts, and current assets. 

All this information will help the court to decide whether a modification is fair to both parents. If financial statements are not submitted, there is a great possibility that the child support modification will not be granted. 

You May Not Have to Go to Court

In a case like this, you may think that you need to attend a child support modification hearing to have the child support modified. However, whether you have to go to court or not is usually dependent on the judge.

After a few weeks have passed the judge in charge of the case will review the motion for modifying child support. Some judges will schedule a hearing so that they can talk to both parents. 

Others will simply decide the matter based on the evidence presented to them, without having a hearing.

Get Child Support

Going through a divorce, separation, or break up is never easy. It can become even more complicated when a pregnancy confirmation gets into the picture.

There are a lot of emotions that can rise to the surface. Financial issues may also come to the forefront because of the pregnancy. 

Based on the financial situation of one or both of the parents a child support modification may be necessary for the child to be properly provided for. If you would like more informative life tips, please visit the lifestyle section of the website.