It is pretty obvious that most, if not all companies have their own trade secrets. After all, to survive in any market or niche, you must be able to have something that should not fall into the hands of your competitors; otherwise, this means bad for your business. 

For many years, companies have always tried to withhold their trade secrets, putting in mechanisms to ensure that their secrets do not get revealed to unauthorized people or third parties. However, only a few of them have successfully managed that. 

Perhaps one of the main reasons behind this is the method used to store and share sensitive information. In most cases, these companies only rely on having their employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement  (NDA) which bounds them to legally not share any company secrets. But how sure are you that any company secrets they get are not shared with other unauthorized parties?

Moreover, the medium we mostly use for transferring such data may not be the safest. If you are still sharing vital or sensitive information via email or productivity tools, then you shouldn’t get surprised if your company secrets get out there. This is because these are not very safe ways of sharing sensitive information. 

The Solution

The best solution to most of these issues is by sending self-destructing messages. No, this is not like in the movies, where the recipient’s computer or phone will go up in smoke or have a miniature explosion happening. 

Whenever you send a message, you get a unique link that you can share with the recipient. Once they open the file and read it, the message is set to self-destruct (or disappear) following the action or after a specified period. 

All these links are encrypted, and you can protect them with a password to ensure that only the target recipient gets to read them first. 

The Application

You can use the self-destructing messaging platform online to send a private note to different people and for different reasons:

Short-Term Usage

You don’t have to let sensitive information hang around on the internet for long. Otherwise, it may become a subject of a data breach. To stay safe, simply share self-destruct notes that will not linger online and will only be available until the intended recipient reads or downloads it. 

Keep Secrets Out Of Slack And Email

Let’s face it; most of us use email or slack (or other company-wide communication channels) to share sensitive information. If you have not ever faced any data breach threats, then you should know that you simply sitting duck.

Keep all your secrets, such as passwords, login information, and other sensitive data, out of easily accessible platforms like email or Slack, and use an online private note that self-destructs soon after the intended recipient gets it. 

After all, there’s no point in having sensitive information hovering around online for a longer period, longer than is necessary. 

Access From Anywhere

For you to send sensitive information over some other channels, you have to ensure that both parties have the same platform and with end-to-end encryption. In this case, you may be forced to have downloaded an app or must use a specific device, such as a computer. 

But what if you need to send (or receive) sensitive information, but you don’t have access to any of those? 

The beauty of sending messages via encrypted self-destruct platforms is that they are online-based, and you don’t need an app or any special devices to access it. All you need is internet connection and an internet-enabled device. You can create and receive a private note at anytime, anywhere.