With the rapid development of Internet technology, people’s daily life has been inseparable from the network. More and more business activities in the real world from the traditional development to the network. The development of the Internet, as well as technology, has brought more convenience to people’s life. The most obvious change should be that today people can rely on all kinds of online tools and do their job or study at home. To put in specific tools, the most popular used ones are listed in the article today. See how they are charging our lives, and also discover whether you need some of them to help!

1. Online Movies/TV Shows Streaming Platforms

The most developed demand should be people’s entertainment means. Instead of sitting in front of the TV in the living rooms and wait for their favorite TV episodes to be on the air, or heading to the cinemas for reserving the tickets of their desire-to-watch movies, people want more convenient and flexible ways to enjoy such contents. This helps boost the development of all kinds of online video streaming platforms. By opening a browser, people can easily find the movies or TV shows resources they need and enjoy high-quality streaming online. In this way, people can arrange their entertaining time more flexibly according to their living patterns.

Representative Websites: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon

2. Online Stores

The other online platforms brought much convenience to people’s life should be the online shopping websites. In the past, people need to go to physical stores and purchase everything they need. But today with such online shopping stores, people can just sit at home and clicks their devices for making an order to get the goods they need. Not only the local goods but also products from all over the world can be purchased on the Internet. When the payment is completed, the goods will be immediately delivered through the post services. You just need to wait at home for getting the goods you have brought.

Representative Websites: Amazon, Shopify, Alibaba, and all big brands with their official websites

3. Online Lessons/Meetings

This category has brought convenient services to keep people at home during the outbreak of COVID-19. Schools launched online lessons for students to learn knowledge at home. For companies, they use the online meeting platforms for connecting all employees so that they can work and cooperate online, without lagging working efficiency behind. Instead of this hard period, online learning and working have been prevailing all over the world. People can work and study remotely, which enables companies to attract more talents from both domestic and abroad.

Representative Websites: Zoom, Webex, Facebook, YouTube (includes all kinds of online tutorials)

4. Online Documents Editing (Cooperation)

People tend to edit their documents such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc. online because downloading extra bulky apps would make the devices running at a slower speed. Therefore, some online editing platforms are also developed and allow people to easily edit files online.

Besides, to simply edit the documents, some platforms can even allow different users to access the same documents so that they can realize online cooperation. This brings convenience to lots of companies and project teams. Instead of meeting in a cafe shop or library, people can cooperate online and get the documents completed.

Representative Websites: EasePDF, Google Docs, Office 365, Adobe Acrobat DC

5. Online File Storage Platform

What will you think of when you want to save some documents or media files for accessing on later occasions? In the past, most people would probably save in a USB stick or disc, or just in a folder on computers, and SD card on mobile phones. When you need to access them in the next time, you can reach the devices or hardware again at first. But today, online storing platforms allow users to save the files in the cloud. With the same account, you can reach back to the files on any device. For example, you can easily upload files to and download form EasePDF or other websites we mentioned above in seconds. This can be much safer and more convenient to save files and for later access. Also, they can help save more storage. And we believe that this kind of tool can make our work more efficiently.

Representative Websites: GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud

6. Online Resources Downloader

This kind of tool is mostly used to save some online videos as well as music for playing offline. As we know, online videos and music are the trends for people to entertain and relax, so such tools can help users to download these resources and transfer them to any devices for playing even when the network condition is not good at all. You can collect your favorite movies or songs easily with this kind of tool. Also, for some of people, it will be a good way to download some online classes from TED to get more things you need. And more and more people may use the video downloader to save some classic matches such as sports and games. It will be a good memory for all of people who love our life and love to save every meaningful moment.

Representative Websites: VideoHunter, RipSave, Savefrom, QDownloder, YooDownload


With the development of science and technology, the internet in our daily life is playing a more and more important role! The existing online tools have helped people’s lives to be more convenient than ever before. By selecting a series of appropriate tools for ourselves can greatly help us better suit the development of the society, thus make our works and lives more convenient and efficient. We can also save much time to solve the things in correct and efficient way. So, increasing of ability of internet is the most important advancement in our life. It makes people’s lives ever more convenient and colorful. Let’s also look forward to seeing what other helpful online tools will emerge in the future.