As an employer, you have no greater asset than your workers. Without your employees doing a good job, your business wouldn’t survive. You’d almost be better off with an employee that doesn’t show up to work than one who shows up and performs poorly. An employee with a poor performance not only has the potential to hurt your reputation but there is always the potential for bodily harm. Either situation is not good and something you want to avoid. With that in mind, you’d be surprised by all the things in the workplace that could hurt your employee’s performance. Even the type of lighting you provide as an employer could make the biggest impact.

Out With The Fluorescent Lights

Many employers choose fluorescent lighting these days for a wide range of purposes. It is used for everything from lighting warehouses and bays to powering up office workstations. This is probably because it is an inexpensive option and extremely common. Replacement parts are a dime a dozen and installations are straightforward. It is estimated that 98% of all commercial buildings today use this type of lighting. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake, as this type of lighting has proven to be one of the greatest sources of anxiety in the workplace. It constantly flickers and hums, leading to migraines, headaches, eyestrains, and the inability to focus. It has been scientifically proven that the flicker from the lighting induces stress and strain on specific parts of the brain. Your best option would be to switch to flicker-free LED lighting.

Embrace The Adjustable Lighting

There have even been several studies conducted regarding the brightness of office lighting and how it boosts worker productivity. What was uncovered was extremely interesting. It was proven that when workers are feeling drowsy, you can simply boost the brightness levels of the light to boost productivity and awareness. It provides a burst of energy. Many employers today are trying to maximize worker’s exposure to natural lighting elements, and there is nothing wrong with this. However, if you truly want to get the most from your workers, you should consider dimmer switches that gradually adjust to brighter settings as the day goes.

One quality lighting manufacturer like LITELUME offers a wide range of options for office settings and warehouses. Productivity and awareness are more important in warehouse settings than most others because of the potential for accidents. Check out the above link to learn more about the different types of lighting options this manufacturer provides for these areas.

Consider Where The Lighting Is

Not only could the type of lighting you choose make a major impact on your employee’s productivity, but where you choose to install that lighting could be crucial as well. Think about temperatures. How would you feel if you had a hot light grilling down on you for eight hours a day during the summer? Why do you think the cops sweat suspects by grilling them under bright lights? These all create stressful environments. This is something you’ll want to avoid in the workplace, so take the time to highly evaluate where you are going to install your new lighting.